How to make a doily table runner

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  • Discover how to make a decorative doily runner following Country Homes & Interiors' simple steps.

    How to make a doily runner

    Make a simple doily runner using Country Homes & Interiors’ easy instructions.

    You will need

    • Paper doilies – various sizes
    • Multipurpose glue
    • Newspaper

    Step 1) Measure the length of the table, plus your required overhang for the doily runner at each end. Work out the required width of the runner – about one third of the width of the table is a good starting point.

    Step 2) Measure and stick together sections of newspaper to this required size and lay out on a suitable flat surface or the floor to act as a template for the runner.

    Step 3) Lay the doilies out on the newspaper to fit the required dimensions, overlapping circles as required to join each together. Stick the doilies together with dabs of glue then allow to dry before lifting off and placing on the table.

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