We take a first look at Lakeland's own-brand pizza oven - can it compete with the likes of Ooni and Gozney?

We think Lakeland's new pizza oven looks pretty similar to other major names on the market

Lakeland Pizza Oven
(Image credit: Future/Lakeland)

Lakeland is a major retailer selling most home appliances, but did you know the brand also manufactures its own range of kitchen and outdoor must-haves?

The latest addition to that collection is the new Lakeland Gas Pizza oven, which we reckon is a dead ringer for fan favourites from some of the best pizza oven brands on the market. And with the success of Lakeland's own range of the best air fryers, it's fair to say it's a launch we're excited about.

The Lakeland Gas Pizza oven is priced at £299.99. With this oven, the brand promises you can easily master the art of pizza at home, and sling out 12-inch pizzas in your garden all summer long, with a heat-up time to 500°C in just 15 minutes. We took a first look at this brand-new release from Lakeland to see how it stacks up against the favourite pizza ovens we've already tried and loved.

Lakeland Gas Pizza Oven first look

As the name very much gives away, this is a gas-powered pizza oven, which means that the time it takes to get up to the correct heat for Neapolitan pizzas is minimal, as is the case with our top-rated gas pizza oven after testing it, the Ooni Koda.

After just a short time, you'll be ready to pop your pizzas in this oven, and the sheer heat of the pizza stone will mean that you'll only need to wait a couple of minutes before you've achieved that lovely crispy base that you're used to enjoying from your local pizza place.

Lakeland Gas Pizza oven lifestyle shot

(Image credit: Lakeland)

The foldable legs also mean that this oven looks like a fairly portable buy, which is similar to the Gozney Roccbox. The Lakeland Pizza Oven is also quite lightweight at just 10kg, so it looks like it'll be a great option to take along to the beach or to a friend's house for alfresco dining. 

Along with this oven, Lakeland has also released an extensive range of pizza oven accessories, including an interesting-looking topping station for £39.99 and an affordable pizza rocker for £14.99, which I personally find is essential when making homemade pizzas. 

Lakeland Pizza Oven

(Image credit: Lakeland)

In terms of comparisons, I'd say that this oven strikes me as pretty similar to the Ooni Koda 12 inch oven, which retails for £349.99. When we tested the Koda we found it to be an easy 4.5/5 star buy, so we'll most definitely be testing out the new Lakeland version for ourselves, to see if it compares as a more affordable buy.

However, if you'd prefer a larger oven and would love to use your outdoor kitchen for cooking large cuts of meat and other dishes, then the Gozney Dome might be the best choice for you, which has a large 16 inch opening. It was a sell out success a couple of years ago, and our reviewer found it to be a total must-buy. 

Whichever oven you opt for, it's definitely the right time of year to start thinking about your outdoor dining situation. We're just hoping it won't be long until it's warm enough to enjoy a pizza in the sun!

Molly Cleary
Ecommerce Editor

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