Dyson’s game-changing release combines vacuuming and mopping into one device – and it’s available from next week

The revolutionary Dyson Submarine has landed...

Dyson V15s Detect Submarine
(Image credit: Dyson)

A Dyson vacuum is on everyone’s wish list at this point, even if it’s the dream, wishful-thinking kind for some as their prices are pretty monumental. But they are a high-quality and highly efficient investment, as well as a status symbol. Dyson’s claim to fame has always been innovation, which the brand never stops striving towards – and the newest Dyson V15s Detect Submarine wet to dry vacuum cleaner is no exception.

Dyson regularly makes it onto our best vacuum cleaners list. And this revolutionary hybrid product combining both vacuuming and mopping into one, a first from Dyson, is set to be catapulted to the top of that list. After experiencing it first hand last year, we’re so excited it’s finally launching in the UK next Wednesday 6th March.

Selling for £799, the Dyson Submarine is designed to get your floors cleaner than ever. Instead of spreading the picked up dirt around as most mops do, the roller head with its water jets sprays the floor with 18ml of clean water every minute in the brand’s efforts to contribute towards healthier homes. 

Dyson V15s Detect Submarine

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson launches the revolutionary Detect Submarine

‘Existing wet cleaning formats are commonly met with owner frustrations; largely around manoeuvrability, maintenance and pick up performance,’ says Charlie Park, vice president of floorcare R&D at Dyson. ‘Our solution solves these challenges and provides users with a multifunctional, compact yet powerful vacuum that takes deep cleaning to the next level.' 

'The launch of our first all-in-one wet-and-dry machine is an important step in Dyson’s commitment to improve everyday lives, and create cleaner, healthier homes. For the first time, we’re combining our dust illumination and sensing technologies, anti-tangle for soft furnishings and carpets alongside our new wet roller head to wash hard floors.’ 

I got a first look at the Dyson Submarine at work at Dyson's facility in Malmesbury. Here's what I thought of the cleaning power of this new attachment.

Dyson Submarine first look

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Dyson Submarine first impressions

I'm not a fan of mopping and even if I'm using one of the best mops, I find the process time-consuming and not entirely effective. Turns out that the engineers over at Dyson found the same thing, which is why their first try at a wet floor cleaner has a few added design perks. 

Dyson vacuums always come out well during our review process (our Dyson Micro and Outsize reviews are proof of that), but rather than just tackling dry debris, this new floorhead can stretch to wet and dry mixes all at once. 

It does this thanks to two fitted water tanks in the floorhead. While one tank dispenses water through eight different hydration points, the other collects debris and dirty water, without cross-contamination. 

When I tried it out, I was impressed by how easy it was to use, with a glide to it that will make cleaning up after messy mealtimes, especially if you have children, much easier.

It's also a very slick unit, as the mop head combines with the stick from your V15 or Gen5 Detect vacuum. 

The Dyson Submarine was announced earlier this year as part of a new generation of Dyson cleaning innovation, namely alongside the Dyson VisNav360, the new robot vacuum offering from the brand.

While the Submarine was released earlier this year in Australia, a UK release date is yet to be confirmed. We'll keep you updated as soon we have news on when you can add this wet-to-dry Dyson to your home in order to simplify your cleaning routine.

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