You've been cleaning your windows all wrong if you're skipping this vital step

Show your windows a little extra TLC this spring clean season

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Experts reveal this important step when cleaning your windows which can often be overlooked or forgotten.

We've heard from many a source the best ways how to clean a window, from using the best cleaning products to cleaning with tea bags to try and achieve a streak-free finish. However, there's an important prerequisite that comes before wiping anything down that far too many forget – vacuuming your windows.

As many of us are aware, the weather in the UK hasn't been particularly aligned with the soon-to-be spring season among us. With the effects of rain, snow, sleet, and the lot, our windows are going to need some extra TLC this spring clean.

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Vacuuming windows cleaning hack

'For both inside and out, there will be a build-up of dirt on windows all over the home. It’s tempting to spray each area with hot soapy water immediately, however, this will make the dust stick to the glass and you’re simply moving it around rather than removing it.' warns Jade Oliver, showroom stylist at Express Bi-Folding Doors.

'Use a duster to loosen any dust particles first, and then try gently vacuuming with the bristle attachment to avoid scratching the surface. Finally, to get into any tougher nooks and crannies such as the corners and rims, work in a feather duster to manipulate the grime.'

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We've seen window vacuums used for getting rid of condensation, but we never actually considered a standard vacuum's use in simply eliminating dust in the cleaning process. And the best part is you don't even need the best vacuum to get the job done, just a little bit of discipline.

We do have to admit, not many of us were aware of this important step when cleaning your windows. However, Heather Young, Ideal Home's Editor in Chief, has long been doing this as standard practice.

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'We have a mix of new UPVC windows and old wooden sash windows in my Victorian house. Spiders absolutely love setting up home in the sash windows, so I'm waging a constant battle against cobwebs,' explains Heather.

'I find using the soft bristle attachment on the vacuum the best method to clear them quickly so that I can clean the windows. I also use the same attachment to go over the areas that gather dust so this is picked up before I clean it with glass cleaner.'

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It's such a simple step that doesn't take all that much more time to add to your list of easy cleaning jobs, so best believe we'll be tackling this when we get around to doing our spring clean.

Will you be giving this one a try yourself?

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