Shark's new indoor outdoor fan just won our Garden Innovation Award - and it's currently on sale right now

Upon first impressions, the quiet and powerful Shark FlexBreeze is the perfect fan for cooling down this summer

Shark FlexBreeze portable fan with green grass behind and people sitting in garden
(Image credit: Shark)

Shark has launched a brand new fan that is sure to become one of the best fans on the market - especially since we awarded it the best garden innovation in this year's Ideal Home Garden Awards.

Shark has long been one of our favourite brands, mainly for creating some of the best vacuums around. So its launch of the FlexBreeze fan came as a breath of fresh air, with its range of genius features.

Shark FlexBreeze portable fan with green grass behind and people sitting in garden

(Image credit: Shark)

The Shark FlexBreeze first impressions

With up to 20 hours of runtime, the Shark FlexBreeze is a super portable indoor outdoor fan that can be used corded or cordless, which makes it a total game changer for keeping cool tucked up in bed, binging on Bridgerton, slaving away at your desk or sat outdoors for a bbq.

Not only that our Appliances editor, Molly Cleary saw first-hand 'how easy it was to switch into handheld/tabletop mode,' with its Lift Away technology, making it perfect for those chained to their desks during hot days.

Shark FlexBreeze fan on a pedestal, lifted off its pedestal and opened tabletop pedestal with a blue background

(Image credit: Shark)

The fan boasts eight fan modes, from gentle to strong breeze, five fan speeds which can be felt up to 20 metres away, and a number of different oscillation angles from 55 degrees to 180.

And if you're in need of an ice-cold blast on a hot day, you can connect the included InstaCool Misting attachment to a hosepipe to turn the fan into a misting fan, which Shark says can make the temperature up to five degrees cooler.

shark flexbreeze fan in a bedroom with a woman sleeping in background

(Image credit: Shark)

We love a quiet fan here at Ideal Home and the FlexBreeze doesn't disappoint in that area either. With its ultra-quiet blades that create gentle white noise for a peaceful night's sleep, it's a must-have for keeping your bedroom cool at night.

And the best bit? It boasts a unique UV and water-resistant design that will weather whatever the outdoors throws at it, whether it's a scorcher of a day or there's intermittent showers forecast.

shark flexbreeze on a table top with a glass of water beside it and a man's hand holding a remote control

(Image credit: Shark)

Our Appliances editor, Molly gave us her first impressions on this innovative fan, and whether it's a worthwhile purchase to upgrade your patio set-up this summer.

'The innovative features of the FlexBreeze are sure to put it in a league of its own come the summertime, especially the misting function on those stifling heatwave days,' explains Molly.

'The ability to switch this from a pedestal to a tabletop design is pretty nifty and the various settings, including a built-in timer, mean that this can also step in as a handy sleep aid.'

Molly Cleary
Molly Cleary

Molly is Ideal Home's Kitchen Appliances Editor, which means she gets to test out of all the products on the site that you can use to cook (or bake!) up a storm in the kitchen.

Molly adds, 'If I was shopping for a fan, this would be the one I'd go for, especially as the adjustable height makes it so versatile.'

Retailing at £199.99, the FlexBreeze is currently on sale on multiple websites so snap one up while the going's good.

Jenny McFarlane
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