Find inspiration in this 1930s rental home in Oxfordshire

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  • An RAF officer and interior designer live in this 1930s property in Oxfordshire with their young son. They moved in 2012 and were keen to put their own stamp on it. However, living in a rented military property can make decorating quite tricky.

    ‘You have to return the house to exactly how it was when you moved in so any alterations must be reversible,’ they say. ‘Because of this, most people steer clear of things like changing flooring, removing fireplaces or even wallpapering as these jobs are simply too much of a big task and expense when you eventually have to move out.’

    Not to be put off, the couple were determined to give the house a modern update and create a home that they could enjoy with their young baby. The priority was to give the rooms a fresh feel. They painted all the walls white and replaced light switches and sockets with modern finishes.

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