We've discovered a savvy way to bag a top air fryer for up to half price

You don't have to break the bank to nab a top model

3 black air fryers in a line
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Getting your hands on an air fryer in stock doesn't have to be a difficult feat, especially if you know where to look. In the past year, we've seen our favourite sellout models be swept off the shelves time after time at well-known retailers, but that doesn't mean it's really gone.

When you think that even the best air fryer is off retailer shelves and nowhere to be found, allow us to reassure you that it's not all doom and gloom. This eBay Certified Refurbished shopping hack is one of our favourite and savviest ways to bag those undercover gems.

eBay Certified Refurbished air fryers

Tefal Actifry Genius XL 2 in 1 | £269.99£149.99, eBay

Tefal Actifry Genius XL 2 in 1 | £269.99 £149.99, eBay

Get your hands on the Tefal Actifry Genius XL 2 in 1 which offers a unique take on air frying. In our review, we gave it a glowing 4 stars for its spunky design that's perfect for hands-free cooking.

Tefal EasyFry 3 in 1 | £119.99£76.99, eBay

Tefal EasyFry 3 in 1 | £119.99 £76.99, eBay

The Tefal EasyFry is a multi-functional air fryer well suited for family use. In our 4-star review, we loved the large capacity, sleek touchscreen interface, and steam and grill functions. Going for under £80 refurbished, we think this is a deal not to be missed.

Tefal ActiFry Advance Health Cooking Fryer 1.2Kg | £179.99£99.99, eBay

Tefal ActiFry Advance Health Cooking Fryer 1.2Kg | £179.99 £99.99, eBay

Whether you’re cooking stir fry or sauces, ActiFry Advance can create healthy, delicious meals for up to 6 people, the perfect size for a family. With cooking time up to 20% more than other ActiFry models, this appliance is a steal for under £100.

There's a vast selection of Certified Refurbished air fryers to browse on eBay that will have you glued to your seat. If you're a savvy shopper, then you'll be pleasantly surprised at the air fryer deals you can nab if you choose to browse air fryers for sale on eBay.

‘At eBay, we pride ourselves on our impressive selection of Certified Refurbished kitchen appliances. From air fryers to pressure cookers and Hotel Chocolat velvetisers, we have all of the top gadgets to help you create your dream kitchen and meals,' says Mark Monte-Colombo, head of refurbished at eBay UK.

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Mark Monte-Colombo assures, 'All of our refurbished products have been expertly restored and vetted to work like new, meaning that shoppers can snap up popular products and recent releases, for a lower price, without compromising on quality.'

'As the cost of living continues to rise, people are searching for easy ways to save money and buying refurbished allows shoppers to buy leading brands for less. Not only better value, buying refurbished is kinder to the planet as it significantly lengthens the lifespan of an item – so it’s a win-win situation!'

3 black air fryers in a line

(Image credit: Future PLC/Philip Sowels)

'Over the festive season, we saw people flocking to eBay to buy refurbished gifts, so it’s great to see that people are already acknowledging the benefits of our Certified Refurbished service.’

While you're shopping, don't forget to grab this air fryer cooking essential our in-house experts swear by before you checkout.

Here's to more people experiencing the wonderful world of air fryers.

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