Cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie swears by this kitchen storage buy – experts say it 'transforms and optimises' cupboards

This clever buy is her secret weapon for keeping an organised kitchen

Two floating kitchen shelves with cup hooks and blue mugs, chopping board and blackboard, with storage jars with lids fixed below shelves
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Cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie (aka Lynsey Queen of Clean), took to ITV's This Morning to share with viewers some of her top tips to get a house ready for Christmas. As part of her advice, she pays a deserving mention to under-shelf storage – a kitchen storage idea that's utterly genius – but severely underrated.

There's no denying that there's no busier time for the kitchen than during the run-up to Christmas. This season is more or less always chock-full with festive gatherings, get-togethers, and dinner parties. Of course, while we welcome the festivities with open arms, the reality is that oftentimes the space our kitchen cabinets allow isn't quite up to scratch with our hosting aspirations.

That being said, around now is the best time to brush up on how to organise kitchen cupboards. But, in attempting the mammoth task you may accidentally end up falling victim to a couple of kitchen storage mistakes along the way.

Luckily, this storage buy endorsed by Lynsey Queen of Clean herself makes for the ideal organised kitchen this holiday season, helping make use of that often-forgotten space under shelves and cupboards.

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Under-shelf storage

During an appearance on ITV's This Morning earlier this week, Lynsey spoke on the importance of giving your cupboards a good clear-out in preparation for the peak of December hosting season.

'In your cupboards to create more room, get rid of the big things,' she begins. 'So, if you're not using your bread maker this time of year, pop it in the garage or the shed.'

Lynsey Crombie
Lynsey Crombie

Known as the 'Queen of Clean', Lynsey is the best-selling author of The 15-Minute Clean and regularly shares her tips on her social media. She starred in TV's Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and is a regular guest on This Morning and Good Morning Britain.

'Then, use things like this,' continues Lynsey, as she points to shelving units, 'to double up on your storage space for your Christmas food. It gives you so much more space.'

She then gestures to the star of the show: under-shelf storage hooks.

'And these hooks, these are great,' says Lynsey. 'You slot them and then you can hang your mugs. Then, there becomes more space for your tins, your biscuits, and your Christmas chocolate.' We think they'd work great as an addition to any hot chocolate station idea.

Better yet, this under-shelf storage not only comes in the form of hooks but also drawers and baskets to store even more of your everyday kitchen essentials. Needless to say, it's a kitchen storage trend we can certainly get behind.

Commenting further on the use of under-shelf storage, Richard Joseph, CEO and co-founder of innovative home and kitchenware company, Joseph Joseph, says, 'As the festive season approaches, we tend to have limited space within our kitchen cupboards and need to find creative ways to clear the clutter and maximise space.'

Therefore, according to Richard, under-shelf storage solutions are the ideal buy to help 'transform and optimise cupboard and fridge space, providing designated storage for smaller items such as coffee pods, spices, or kitchen accessories.'

It's a must-have small kitchen storage idea we could all do with, to not clutter our cupboards and worktops further. Prepping in the kitchen is hectic enough as it is!

Joseph Joseph under shelf storage in kitchen

(Image credit: Joseph Joseph)

Richard continues, 'Often attached to existing shelves, these storage solutions make hard-to-reach cupboards much more accessible and reduce the need to stack items on top of each other.'

Not only that but utilising under-shelf storage is also a genius way to fake a pantry, which we're certainly not opposed to – especially if we'll be hosting guests all winter long.

Well, if we can achieve not only functionality but also aesthetics with this cleaning expert-approved kitchen storage buy, best believe you can sign us up.

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