This JYSK shelf is going viral on Instagram as a clever solution to neatly display mugs in a kitchen

It's both functional and beautiful

Wall shelf TOLNE 12 shelves bamboo and trolley in dining room
(Image credit: JYSK)

A recent organising hack has been making the rounds on Instagram, whereby instead of keeping mugs hidden, they're intentionally displayed and made part of a kitchen's design using a JYSK shelf. We think it's a genius method that puts both functionality and aesthetics at the forefront.

When considering all the different ways to store mugs, oftentimes it's easiest for us to just tuck them away in the nearest cabinet or opt for the traditional mug tree to keep them within easy access at all times – especially if you're determined to get your daily cuppa in.

Having spotted this kitchen storage hack from an Instagram video which has garnered over 223,000 views, it's safe to say that it's a clever solution that turns your mugs into a visually appealing statement piece. We think it will perfectly complement an organised kitchen worktop and add that extra wow factor to your space.

The hack turns a cubby-style shelving unit, the JYSK wall shelf TOLNE, into the ideal solution for displaying mugs. Because of its compact size and slim vertical design, it doesn't take up much space on your worktop, lending itself as a beautiful storage idea for a small kitchen. In a bamboo finish, it's also the perfect piece to add a natural touch to a kitchen that will make it feel brighter and airier, too.

You can easily tuck it against your kitchen backsplash and have your mugs within easy reach, freeing up space in your cabinets for other necessities. Better yet, if you've got a mug collection you're particularly proud of or a dedicated coffee station setup, this shelving unit frames your mugs and makes them a standout area in your kitchen that looks like it was carefully curated.

Paying attention to details like this is what makes all the difference in making a kitchen look expensive – and all you did was rejig the crockery you already have.

Wall shelf TOLNE 12 shelves bamboo and trolley in dining room

(Image credit: JYSK)

Commenting on the organising hack, Rikke Blaeside, design and range manager at JYSK says, 'Ceramic mugs with a crafted look are trending and by mixing and matching different designs, you get a very personal and unique table setting.'

'Upgrading your kitchen with unique small furniture pieces that are perfect for adding a decorative element to your kitchen. Play with colours and designs to add a personal touch to your kitchen in an easy way.'

And, who's to say that you need to stop at just mugs? Consider displaying herbs, oils, and spices too – whatever it is that you reach for the most, that should be what you spotlight in your kitchen. It's the perfect budget kitchen idea to instantly refresh your space.

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We've definitely taken a particular liking to the JYSK wall shelf used in the Instagram video. However, if you're keen to browse more options to suit your kitchen setup we've compiled some alternative mug shelf organisers for your viewing pleasure.

Ever since we started considering kitchen organisation as something to enjoy and indulge in rather than just something practical, our perception of keeping a clutter-free space has certainly shifted. If organising solutions are always this good looking, maybe the task of keeping a tidy kitchen isn't so bad after all.

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