Rochelle and Marvin Humes' risky kitchen colour scheme nails the most popular kitchen trend for 2024, say experts

It even works for the smallest of kitchens

Rochelle Humes and Marvin Humes
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We'd be lying if we said we didn't have a bit of a crush on Marvin Humes during his younger JLS days, and seeing as his wife Rochelle has quite the eye for style, it's no surprise that the Humes' kitchen oozes luxury. Sporting an all-black kitchen colour scheme, it's no doubt a risky design choice but one we think they've nailed to a tee.

It's pretty undeniable that most recent kitchen colour trends have favoured light and airy schemes, with many tending to steer away from darker kitchen colour schemes for fear of it feeling too overpowering, especially if you're already trying to expand the look of an already small kitchen.

However, when a black kitchen idea is executed cleverly, Jen Nash, head of design at fitted kitchen specialists, Magnet says that it can instantly add 'sophistication and charisma to your space'. The key simply lies in moderation, balance, and lighting – characteristics which Marvin Humes' kitchen accomplishes in all the right ways.

We've already declared 2024 the year where we try something out of our comfort zones, so naturally, the dark kitchen trend is something we've had tabbed for a while now. But, let's face it: it's all too easy to simply go with the flow of an all-white kitchen as the standard for our cooking spaces.

This comes into play even more when you consider that the idea of a black kitchen 'might go against everything you've ever learned about traditional kitchen styling and colours,' remarks Richard Davonport, managing director at luxury bespoke kitchen designers, Davonport. However, slowly but surely we're seeing a shift in many homeowners' appetites during the process of designing a kitchen.

Black painted kitchen cabinets with gold hardware handles

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Jen actually says that 'it's no surprise to see celebrities such as Marvin opting for this bolder colour scheme, as in fact, black kitchens have become the most popular kitchen trend for 2024'. She highlights that Magnet's sales of the divisive colour have more than doubled as homeowners are now seeking both functionality and a modern sleek style. And the celebrity couple is usually right on trend when it comes to home decor and interior design as demonstrated by Rochelle's office desk.

Seeing as we're living in the age of the best air fryers and various other kitchen gadget must-haves, more and more people are designing kitchens to accommodate those appliances – and it almost looks as though the Humes' kitchen is following suit.

'The black marble kitchen island worktop in Marvin's kitchen not only provides a sleek and luxurious focal point but also allows appliances such as air fryers to blend seamlessly without distracting the eye, ensuring a cohesive and sophisticated look throughout the space,' assures Jen.

Black painted kitchen cupboards and countertop, white tiled backsplash and decorative open shelving

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So, not only does a black kitchen help keep a cohesive scheme, but it's less upkeep to keep clean, too. 'Unlike white kitchens, black cabinets are more forgiving when it comes to keeping them clean,' says Al Bruce, founder of shaker kitchen retailer, Olive & Barr.

'Of course, when the sunlight is streaming in, any obvious marks will show up more prominently, but generally, a black kitchen is a safer option to keep clean.'

How to nail a black kitchen colour scheme

If you think that a black colour scheme only works if you already have a generous amount of kitchen surface area (like a celebrity would), think again.

'It's a misconception that dark kitchens make the room feel smaller,' begins Al. 'The trick is to balance black cabinets with light worktops to create balance and contrast while helping to bounce the light around the room.' Or, in Marvin's case, black kitchen cabinets and light walls.

White painted kitchen with black kitchen cupboards, open shelving displaying orange Le Creuset cookware

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'Marvin Humes' kitchen works because the dark kitchen units and island are balanced out by light-painted walls (and I imagine a light floor colour),' says Ann Marie Cousins, interior designer and founder of AMC Design. 'The matt black units are very contemporary but to avoid them sucking up all the light in, the ceiling has been kept light.'

Not to mention, Rochelle and Marvin also opted for a countertop with a light vein on it (and the wall colour picks up on this vein). There's also a mirror in the kitchen to help further bounce light around.

Ann Marie Cousins
Ann Marie Cousins

Ann Marie Cousins is an SBID-accredited interior designer and founder of the award-winning Yorkshire-based interior design studio AMC Design, which aims to bring a home to life by blending function and eye-catching design. They specialise in mixing colour, pattern and texture with effective and efficient use of space to transform houses into homes that truly reflect the people living there.

Kitchen detail with butler's sink with brass taps, marble worktop and splash-back and white walls

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However, if there is one word of caution to extend, Ann Marie warns that a 'dark kitchen might look like a strange choice if your kitchen is north-facing or is in a basement' due to the pre-existing lack of natural lighting.

'But saying that, a room that has limited isn't going to become light and airy just by painting it white,' she explains further. After all, opening up a space will still always be dependent on incorporating reflective surfaces and various kitchen lighting ideas to break it up.

Jen concludes, 'A classic yet bold design statement, black kitchens offer enduring appeal and will stand the test of time in home design.' It's no wonder Rochelle and Marvin Humes have opted for such a timeless choice for their cooking space.

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