Country kitchen storage – 10 of the best

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  • Think of country kitchen storage and ‘pantry or larder’ will spring to mind. The words conjure up a vision of domestic idyll – ordered rows of preserves, carefully labelled cupboard essentials and generous shelf space for cooking paraphernalia. But it’s not just nostalgia that’s driving the return to favour of pantries and larder cupboards. The rise of the home chef and baker and our weekly shopping habits contribute to the very modern trend for a generous central store. Dressers – either freestanding or built in – are also a classic country kitchen staple. You can paint them to match your cabinetry and they’re ideal for displaying treasured crockery.

    The classic storage solution for a pantry is a simple shelving system, with different heights and depths for flexibility. Avoid very high and deep options, however, as you won’t be able to see or access their contents. Drawers at waist height and below are useful, especially if they are fully extendable and designed to carry a heavy load with a soft-close system, as it’s easy to view and reach their contents. For integrated designs, it can be tricky to reach things at the back of a base unit, so consider a pull-out larder instead. Designed with wire shelves that can be accessed from both sides, the contents are visible and accessible, but bear in mind you might not want to pull out a heavy larder each time you want to grab a tin of tomatoes.

    On a smaller scale, there are lots of tricks to maximise storage potential in a country scheme, from smart, wooden, wall-mounted utensil racks to units built underneath window seats – a great spot for linens, tea towels and dog blanets, or logs if you have a wood-burning stove. Read on for more top tips.

    Mix cupboards and shelves
    Base units painted in a delicate shade of blue take care of all the pots and pans, leaving the walls free for open shelves to display favourite pieces and keep everyday items within reach.

    Similar units
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