Monty Don's surprising coffee pot collection is Instagram's latest obsession – but is it too much?

'It's like the Russian dolls of coffee pots'

Monty Don
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Monty Don might typically be our saviour for all things garden-related, but a recent post of his has him right at the top of fan discussions regarding stovetop espresso makers – posing the question of how many is too many.

Nowadays, the best coffee machines have made securing our morning brew easy and accessible. However, seasoned caffeine lovers will know that there are various other viable methods for delicious tasting coffee – with stovetop espresso makers being a top consideration to kit out a humble kitchen coffee station.

Turns out, the Monty Don also has a knack for coffee as he took to Instagram to share his beloved collection of espresso makers spanning different sizes. 'I suppose you can never have too many coffee pots,' writes the gardening guru.

Fans fled to the comments to poke fun at the gardener's surprisingly large collection. 'The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, Monty,' writes one fan. Another fan cleverly remarks, 'It's like the Russian dolls of coffee pots.'

From an outside perspective, it may appear a little OTT to own this many, but we suppose from a coffee lover (or collector) point of view, can you really have enough?

'Coffee fans often have a range of coffee makers and gadgets to choose from depending on their mood but the stovetop espresso maker is a traditional time-tested device that people will always return to,' begins Rob Falconer, head of range at ProCook.

Stovetop espresso maker on kitchen worktop

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'Stovetop espresso makers are available in a range of different sizes, so there is no harm in owning several to suit your needs,' continues Rob, which is great news for coffee lovers turned collectors.

Better yet, fans in Monty's comment section agree, too, with one saying, 'Big ones for when you have guests, medium ones when it's just the two of you and small ones for pick-me-ups or solo coffees.'

But, if you're already a long-time lover of your favourite pod coffee machine or a bean-to-cup coffee machine, is it worth trying Monty Don's preferred coffee-making method?

Stovetop espresso maker on kitchen worktop

(Image credit: ProCook)

'A stovetop espresso maker delivers a strong and rich but smooth flavour that provides the perfect hit for coffee connoisseurs,' explains Rob. 'Using this method requires a little time for the water to heat up and deliver the pressure required.'

Therefore, a stovetop espresso maker is the perfect coffee pot for those who like to take time and make coffee the hero of their morning ritual, helping to make waking up on a dark morning that tad bit easier.

Just be sure whichever stovetop espresso maker you get is suitable for your stove, whether it's gas, electric, or induction.

Shop stovetop espresso makers

While we provided a couple of options above you can shop online, it's also worth mentioning that Aldi is selling a stovetop espresso maker. If you're lucky enough to snap one up before they sell out, it's a budget buy for just £5.99.

Needless to say, Monty Don's favourite coffee pots are certainly a fan-favourite and worth considering if you're looking to switch up your morning routine and kick your takeaway coffee habit this year.

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