I tried ProCook’s new hot chocolate maker and it’s the perfect alternative to Smeg’s machine – plus, it's over £100 cheaper

The ideal new purchase for perfectly frothy drinks

ProCook Milk Frother and Hot Chocolate Maker
(Image credit: ProCook)

Despite the long-awaited arrival of spring, several brands have chosen to release new hot chocolate makers at this time of year. And given the frequently occurring poor weather in this country, we’re not complaining. 

On the contrary, as ProCook is one such brand joining in on the hot chocolate fun with its hot chocolate maker that also doubles up as a milk frother. Selling for £69, this is the great dupe for Smeg's £180 best milk frother and hot chocolate maker.

In reality, ProCook’s hot chocolate maker launched at the end of February. But being part of the brand’s first major small appliance release, including ProCook’s first air fryer and health grill, the collection as a whole officially dropped on ProCook’s website earlier this week on Wednesday 20th March. 

However, I’ve been enjoying my hot chocolates, matcha lattes (yes, it can make those, too) and frothy milk for my coffee for a few weeks now. 

ProCook Milk Frother and Hot Chocolate Maker

(Image credit: ProCook)

ProCook milk frother and hot chocolate maker first look

Prior to its most recent small appliance release consisting of 10 new products, ProCook had only kettles and toasters in its range. But with the hotly anticipated small appliance development, the British brand honoured the wishes of its customer base who wished for a hot chocolate maker to be included in the offering.

‘When we were developing ProCook’s brand new kitchen appliance range, we asked our customers which items they really wanted us to bring out and the milk frother and hot chocolate maker quickly became a popular hero product in our collection,’ says Joe Authbert, ProCook buying manager.

‘People want to make luxurious hot drinks at home and they are increasingly looking for multifunctional products.’ 

The appliance can do lots of different things thanks to its four different settings which you choose by pushing a button at the front of it. ‘We developed our hot chocolate maker with four easy-to-use pre-programmed functions: hot milk, hot milk foam, cold milk and hot chocolate,' explains Joe.

'We also heard that many hot chocolate makers are difficult to clean and get clogged up easily so we designed ours with a removable stainless steel cup that goes in the dishwasher. Our customers want quality but they are also very focused on value and the ProCook milk frother and hot chocolate maker is more affordable than other products on the market at £69.’

The product consists of a black-coloured ‘operating’ base and a stainless steel cup fitted with a handle, a pouring spout and a plastic lid. This cup is removable and can be either washed by hand or in the dishwasher. When looking on the inside, there is a tiny whisk at the bottom which is held by a magnet and is also removable for when you’re cleaning. 

ProCook Milk Frother and Hot Chocolate Maker

(Image credit: ProCook)

Much of this also goes for the Smeg milk frother, much loved by our Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary.

‘I have and love the Smeg Milk Frother which not only is endlessly great for making lattes and cappuccinos but is also very similar to the Velvetiser when it comes to making hot chocolates.'

'I've used it with both whole flakes of chocolate and with hot chocolate powder and as long as you don't pack it too full, it always creates velvety soft hot chocs. As I have the Smeg toaster and kettle, I find that with the milk frother, they make the perfect trio.’

The chic and retro-inspired look of the Smeg is certainly a big part of its appeal, especially if you have the other coordinating appliances to match - there is everything from stand mixers to fridges and they all come in several different colours. In comparison, ProCook kept it simple with its one black colourway. 

But for more than £100 less, we’re willing to sacrifice the colourful options.

Sara Hesikova
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