ProCook launch its first small kitchen appliance range – it's giving Dualit vibes but for a fraction of the price

If you have high-end taste but a small budget, ProCook's small appliance range is one to watch

Stainless steel toaster and kettle combo
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If you had to ask us what our non-negotiable small kitchen appliance essentials are, our answer is simple: a kettle, and following closely in second, a toaster. Well, one of our favourite kitchenware brands, ProCook, has finally launched the first of their small appliances range and we simply have to sing praises for it.

ProCook's debut collection of sleek and stylish kettles and toasters entered the market this month, and we think its design is one reminiscent of Dualit's signature stainless steel style for their classic kettle and toaster – but with an even lower price tag that cannot be faulted.

If you want a high-quality option for making your daily tea and toast without breaking the bank, this range is one to watch.

Stainless steel kettle pouring water into grey mug

(Image credit: ProCook)

ProCook launch its first small kitchen appliance range

ProCook's latest launch of kettles and toasters aims to pave the way for a more comprehensive collection of electrical innovations to come from the kitchenware brand.

The kettle, available in Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, and Black offers a generous 1.5L capacity for your everyday cuppa. The product's modern design will complement any kitchen colour scheme and is crafted from durable stainless steel to withstand frequent use.

The toaster, available in either a two or four-slice size (or both if you so desire) and matching colours, boasts an easy-to-adjust dial with seven browning settings so you can enjoy perfectly toasted bread every single time. The toaster can even reheat and defrost food, giving it a one-up for its convenience and efficiency.

For your peace of mind, the toasters and kettles even have a 2-year guarantee. Previously, we've always considered ProCook a go-to for kitchen accessories and their cast iron cookware, in particular. However, it's clear that the brand has its sights set on becoming a true one-stop shop for everything you'd need in a kitchen

Now, we've got yet another retailer in the running when considering kitchen appliance layouts in the future.

Stainless steel toaster and kettle combo

(Image credit: ProCook)

The range is available to buy right now in-store or online, starting at £69, making it a budget kitchen idea definitely worth looking into if you've been looking to upgrade or grab something new ahead of the year closing out.

Our Content Editor, Holly Cockburn, owns this kettle and toaster combo and can vouch for its efficiency after being used daily in her own kitchen.

'I'm nothing if not a lover of premium appliances – they can really complete the look of a kitchen space. However, my budget isn't quite in line with my taste, so discovering ProCook's newest small appliances has allowed me to achieve the look for less,' she starts.

Stainless steel 2 slice toaster

(Image credit: ProCook)

Holly continues, 'I have the 4-slot toaster in stainless steel and it makes my rented flat feel super chic, and it's genuinely great – I've had no issues of prematurely burnt toast and the slots are wide enough that even thick bread doesn't get stuck.'

Well, one thing's for sure: best believe we'll be sitting tight waiting for the next of ProCook's kitchen electricals range. Given that this kettle and toaster range is only the beginning of what we can only imagine are even more exciting kitchen additions to come, watch this space.

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