M&S just launched a special furniture collab – and we’re swooning over this bookshelf in all of its art deco glory

Is art deco furniture having a moment? M&S x Swoon collab makes a strong case for the vintage-inspired style with its distinct bookshelf

M&S X SWOON Odette Shelving Unit
(Image credit: M&S)

Last week, M&S released a brand new collection of furniture in partnership with furniture-specialising brand Swoon. Available exclusively at M&S, the offering is sleek yet intriguing, modern yet full of vintage living room ideas and references. Our favourite piece? Undoubtedly, the Odette shelving unit.

Making a case for the recent art deco style resurgence, the bookshelf is a beautiful, statement piece, which we first saw at an M&S preview a few weeks ago. It instantly got our attention and we’re so glad it’s now available to shop so that we can finally talk about it.

M&S x Swoon collaboration features the unique Odette art deco shelving unit 

M&S X SWOON Odette Shelving Unit

(Image credit: M&S)

We must say, M&S is killing it lately with its releases like the M&S wavy edge mirror and Kirsten table lamp. And the new M&S x Swoon collaboration is no exception. The collab is actually made up of two collections, each featuring a different style. While the Odette, including our favourite shelving unit, is all about art deco, Figueroa boasts a mid-century style that’s been trendy for the past few years.

‘We have recently seen a lot of searches for elements, which draw on the art deco movement such as vintage style glassware and an increase in desire for incorporating rich colours like deep greens and golds,’ says Alex Stubbs, interior stylist at Flitch.

M&S X SWOON Odette Shelving Unit

(Image credit: M&S)

So it’s not just M&S that’s going very art deco-centric, in light of their recent art-deco inspired Celine glasses release fitting right in with the season’s vintage-inspired tableware trend.

But amidst all this art deco talk, perhaps we should establish what the art deco style is.

‘Art deco as a design style emerged in the early 20th century and is characterised by its geometric shapes, luxurious materials and an overall sense of glamour and opulence,’ Alex says. 

The Odette shelving unit, selling for £749, ticks all the boxes. Shaped to an on-trend arched silhouette, the open shelving is made from black-stained wood with a matching metal frame. The show-stopping feature of this design though are the half and quarter moon inserts made with contrasting brass. It's definitely an investment piece, but M&S discount codes will help the upfront cost seem less dramatic.

Alex concludes by explaining the reason why art deco is currently having a moment. ‘The resurgence of interest in vintage and retro styles in fashion and interior design has also contributed to art deco's popularity with many homeowners romanticising the era and incorporating elements from the past into their contemporary lifestyles.’

So romanticise away.

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