6 ways to work neon brights into your design scheme

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  • Nothing changes the mood of a room faster than the addition of bold, brazen colour. Include a palette of neon brights in your home to create a feel-good factor that is unashamedly loud and proud

    Super bright shades can act as in-your-face design statement, or can be as low-key as you like. Finding the right colour for your scheme is essential, and needs to be carefully thought through. To spark your imagination, check out these vibrant rooms that always look on the bright side.

    1. On the furniture

    Turn up the heat this summer and use the electrifying colours of jungle foliage, exotic birds and bright beach houses to give any room the feel-good factor. Hot pink is an instant mood booster and can give any room a bright, welcoming feel. However, it can be scary to commit to a hot colour, especially over large expanses. Here, touches of crisp white add definition, and pattern is a must – choose oversized florals for a pretty finish.

    2. All together now

    Cleverly combining hot colours means mixing, not matching. If you have colourful glass and china dotted around your home, try grouping it together by hue. The mixture of glossy vessels gives this space an almost stained glass effect, and you barely notice the white shelving and sofa when it is brightened up with these collections.

    3. Hang a sign

    Impose some order on your bright ideas by choosing a tightly edited palette, with one dominant super loud shade, in the shape of a neon sign, and a couple of muted colours that will help it cool down and look stylish.

    4. Accent wall

    For an uncompromising look, use a super bright accent colour on one side of the wall. This jewel blue makes the pale pink sing and shows daring without being too serious. And, love it or hate it, it’s worthy of a cheer.

    5. Mix it up

    Take it to the max with a cocktail of orange, fuchsia and sky blue. Keep the basics neutral – dark wood-effect flooring and pure white walls really make the hot colours pop. Go for files in clashing colours to separate bills from photos. Mix magenta with fire-engine red and tangerine – anything goes!

    6. Temper with black

    Team a palette of super-charged brights with black for a sultry look in the bedroom. Take inspiration from your favourite holiday destinations – a combination of sizzling neons work well with exotic brights. Wallpaper a panel in a black-and-white design to balance the hit of brights. Add texture to your scheme with weaves such as fine knits, herringbone and a statement wirework chair.

    Will you be trying this trend? Let us know how.

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