Aldi is selling a dupe for Dunelm's popular arch mirror for just £35

If your hallway or mantlepiece feels like it's missing something, this is it.

Aldi is selling a £35 arched mirror that looks a lot like a pricier one from Dunelm. The discount store previously launched a full-length arch mirror, but this smaller model is just the thing for blank walls in need of some styling.

The Aldi arch mirror is available exclusively online and selling fast. So if you're looking for cheap ways to make a tired space feel more special, this could be it. Because the best wall mirrors (opens in new tab) work wonders in opening up any space.

The Aldi arch mirror

aldi arch mirror

(Image credit: Aldi)

The Kirkton House Gold Arch Mirror, at Aldi (opens in new tab) will look great in hallways, living rooms, or the downstairs loo, creating the illusion of depth and space. It'd also look right at home above a sideboard or as part of a makeup station.

With its soft curves and metallic edge, it's a stylish and practical statement piece that will bring a homely vibe. You could go for the no-DIY option and just rest it on some shelving, meaning you can easily move it from room to room. Or you can commit and drill it to the wall. 

This mirror is a really decent size, measuring 80 x 84cm, and its gold edging adds a touch of subtle glamour without feeling blingy. Some reviews on the Aldi website say that the mirror is heavier than they expected given the price and that it looks a lot more expensive than it is.

It comes in black too, but this is sold out. As we said, it looks very similar to an arch mirror from Dunelm (opens in new tab), which is available for £55.

The Dunelm arch mirror

This eye-catching mirror from Dunelm is another fab option if you're looking for small living room ideas that won't break the bank. Dunelm's offering is slightly smaller at 70 x 70cm and has black edges which will give a more contemporary look.

dunelm arch mirror

(Image credit: Dunelm)

We're loving the arched shape of both mirrors, which will help to balance out the countless hard angles in our homes. We think if you're decorating on a budget, both mirrors are great options as a) they're really practical and b) they will add instant character and style to blank walls. 

Last years full-length Aldi arch mirror

The full-length arched mirrors Aldi had around Christmas last year (£79.99) were particularly striking, and because they're leaners, there's no DIY involved. These looked very similar to the Arles mirror from, which costs around £220 more.

room with wooden flooring and blue wall with mirror

(Image credit: Aldi)

The full length mirrors were 4cm in depth, so should fit into tight spaces on landings and in hallways. Definitely double and triple-check your measurements, though. Some reviews on the Aldi website say the mirror doesn't line up perfectly to the edge, but this is probably a detail that's only visible close-up.

Buy one and worry about finding space for it later.

Millie Hurst
Millie Hurst

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