Aldi has brought out a cat bed that even the fussiest of felines will want to try

If only it came in human size too
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  • It’s this time of year that we all start snuggling down into your many jumpers as the temperature starts to drop. However, as you leave the house with an extra jumper, spare a thought for your cat. In the absence of your pile of jumpers (which are now on you), they deserve something to cosy up to. And what better than the Aldi cat radiator bed.

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    If you’re a proud cat owner you’ll probably know that getting a cat to sleep in it’s designated bed is a lost cause. You’re more likely to find them curled up atop your clean sheets in the airing cupboard, or edging you out of your seat on the sofa.

    However, Aldi has brought out a bed that not even the most discerning of cats won’t be able to resist.

    Aldi cat radiator bed

    Aldi cat radiator bed 1

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    The Aldi cat radiator bed is made out of a cosy plush material that your furry friend will adore. However, the top-selling point is that the Aldi cat radiator bed hooks over the top of a standard radiator.

    This ticks off two of the most important factors that most cat beds miss. Number 1, it sits high up, allowing your little furry beastie to survey their domain in peace. Number 2, it is next to the top hotspot in the house.

    We almost wish Aldi had made a human version of this cat bed. We’d happily spend a lazy Sunday perched in a plush bed hanging from a toasty radiator.

    The bed is made out of a sturdy metal frame that hooks over the top of the radiator. The main part of the bed rests against the radiator before curing around to create a fluffy tunnel for your cat to hide in.

    Aldi cat radiator bed 2

    If your cat is more Garfield than Duchess you might want to give the bed a test run with a soft landing below, before letting your cat loose on it without supervision.

    The Aldi cat radiator bed costs just £12.99, £2 less than an almost identical version selling on Amazon for £14.99.

    The radiator bed is available in grey and white, whichever colour matches your interior better. It is machine washable so you don’t need to worry about a tangle of matted cat hairs building up, just simply chuck it in the washing machine.

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    Will you be treating your cat to a new bed this Autumn?

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