Human car wash and 8 other products shoppers try to buy at Argos

See the weird and wonderful things customers have tried to order from the superstore

Argos stocks tens of thousands of products, but for some Brits, it seems they don't offer all they hoped for. Some shoppers are looking for products that haven't even been invented yet!

The superstore has revealed the most obscure items shoppers have typed into the search on the website over the last year. Those include Human car washes, pet vacuums and sideways-launching toasters.

If there's enough of a demand, maybe one day these useful (albeit slightly hilarious) products will come into fruition. Take note any budding inventors. But for now, Argos sadly can't help those customers.

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'From Tim Berners-Lee to James Dyson, Britain is renowned for its inventors and their crazy ideas – that can go on to become an essential part of our everyday lives,' explains an Argos spokesperson.

'Search data from Argos shows that people across the country wish their toasters could launch their toast sideways. Or that their pets could roller-skate, proving there is a gap in the market for offbeat products with unusual forms and functions.'

Argos products shoppers wish they could  buy

Argos have illustrated the inventiveness of the Great British public. Below are how an artist, on behalf of Argos, imagines the weird and wonderful inventions might look.

Sideways-launching Toaster

toaster with grey colour and white background

(Image credit: Argos)

We've all been there, the toast pops up so quick you fail to catch it. It falls back into the red hot pit that we can't reach into – because you NEVER use a knife to retrieve bread from a toaster. Is it this that caused six Argos customers to request a toaster that shoots cooked toast across the counter-top – handily solving the problem.

Stairs Slide

stairs slide with white background and drawing

(Image credit: Argos)

We have seen houses where this is a thing – DREAM houses we might add. Is turning your stairs in to a giant slide something you'd wish for? A total of 10 people were searching on the Argos website for stair slides, over the past year!

Human Car Wash

human car wash sketch

(Image credit: Argos)

We can hardly believe this is a genuine search, but believe it or not, there are some out there who’d like to buy a ‘Car wash for people’.  Strange but true there are those who would favour giant rotating arms to wash them?!

Additionally the searches included 'Wind-blowing Selfie Sticks', 'Dog Roller skates', 'Drip catching bowl' and 'Phone-Charging Gloves'.

While you can’t currently buy any of these items at Argos, you can be sure that when stair slides and alternative toasters become a reality you’ll be sure to find them at the superstore.

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Would you buy any of the following products, if Argos ever made them?


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