Did you have a bank holiday DIY disaster? You’re not alone…

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  • As 45% of homeowners spend the May bank holiday weekend catching up with home improvements, TV's Tommy Walsh has some advice on how to avoid those dreaded DIY disasters

    Ahh… don’t you love bank holidays? A chance to spend some time in the garden, fire up the barbecue and, dare I say it, indulge in a spot of DIY.

    If you did try to squeeze in a few home improvements over the weekend, did everything go to plan? Or do you now find yourself staring at a gaping hole where the kitchen wall should be or creating a work of ‘bucket art’ to catch the water dripping through the ceiling where you accidentally drilled through that pesky pipe?

    Avoid a DIY disaster with home improvement expert and TV personality Tommy Walsh's top tips

    If so, then it might cheer you up to hear that you’re not alone. According to research from Halifax Home Insurance,
    45% of homeowners spend the extra day catching up with home
    improvements, and over half of those people risk damage to their
    property with botched DIY efforts.

    In May last year a whopping £1m worth of accidental damage was caused in homes – in part thanks to bank holiday DIY fever. It could cost an average of £323 a household to fix damage caused by well meaning attempts at DIY, and that’s not to mention the immeasurable loss of face you’ll suffer when you have to call in an expert to undo the mess you’ve made.


    But fear not, because home improvement expert and TV personality Tommy Walsh is here to help, so step away from that Black & Decker and take note!

    ‘The bank holiday is a perfect time to think about the changes you can make to your home,’ says Tommy.

    ‘Depending on what you are planning to do, always consider if an expert is better placed to do the job. The last thing you want is to take on too much and end up damaging your house, and your wallet, in the process.’

    Get painting early-doors: If you're painting windows or a front door, start early in the morning so you can keep it ajar to dry throughout the day  IPC Images

    Tommy has some handy tips on how to tackle those DIY jobs next time around:

    1 Plan the day ahead instead of charging into the first job. You could end up making more work for yourself.

    2 Prep for next winter, now – a new front door installed in the spring will mean a cool summer and cosy home in the autumn.

    3 Don’t be a hero! Know how much you can do on a project and when it’s best to stop and get an expert in. Don’t try any plumbing, electrical or roof repairs on your own.

    4 Get painting early – if you’re painting windows or a front door, start early in the morning so you can keep it ajar to dry throughout the day.

    5 Think long-term – plan large-scale improvements, such as energy-efficient windows or a new boiler, which adds value to your property.

    Tommy is also backing the government’s Green Deal, which enables households to make energy saving improvements, such as installing new double-glazing, without having to pay all the costs upfront.

    Follow Tommy’s tips and you’ll be ready to be let loose on the DIY again next bank holiday. But remember, as Tommy says, don’t be a hero!

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