Black Friday fridge deals 2022 – improve your food storage set up for less

Upgrade your refrigeration game in time for the festive season with these Black Friday fridge deals

Whether you need better efficiency, more food storage space or a new look, these Black Friday deals will allow you to upgrade your refrigeration setup for less. Most of us probably own a trusty fridge freezer that's been in our homes for years. But as time passes, our lifestyles - and our families - can get bigger or smaller, meaning we may need to upgrade our fridge freezer every so often. And as the technology in our units gets better and better, it may be more efficient, and in the long run, cheaper to make a change right now.

And we really do mean right now as it is Black Friday, meaning one thing – bargains aplenty on cooling and freezing. From huge American and French style larders that you might struggle to fill to small undercounter space savers and fancy wine fridges, we have found some amazing deals on the best brands from respected retailers. Shop them below.

Black Friday Amazon fridge deals 2022

Samsung RB29FWRNDBC Freestanding Fridge Freezer: now £429.00 at Amazon

Samsung RB29FWRNDBC Freestanding Fridge Freezer: now £429.00 at Amazon

It may look slim, but you’ll be surprised by how much room is created by the streamlined insulation and cooling technology. Its 309-litre capacity can hold it loads of fresh and frozen food, while its water dispenser gives you filtered freshness on tap - you don't need any plumbing for it, either.

Haier HTR3619FWMP Freestanding Combi Fridge Freezer: now £459 at Amazon

Haier HTR3619FWMP Freestanding Combi Fridge Freezer: now £459 at Amazon

This three-door fridge-freezer comes with a My Zone Drawer that has independent temperature control. A non plumbed water dispenser adds a sleek touch to this fridge-freezer, which comes with no-frost technology.

Amazon is a reliable, trusted e-commerce retailer that has associations with some of the biggest kitchen and electronic brands so if you are looking to get most of your sales shopping done in one place, these deals are well worth a look.

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Amazon features some of the newest and most high-tech models on the market right now, while the prices are super-competitive. Very often, Amazon will have lots of fridge freezers on a discount, usually higher than 10% off. And if you sign up for Amazon Prime, fridge freezers available on the service come with free express delivery.

Black Friday Currys fridge deals 2022

Hotpoint H1NT 811E OX 1 60/40 Fridge Freezer: now £429.99 at Currys

Hotpoint H1NT 811E OX 1 60/40 Fridge Freezer: now £429.99 at Currys

This Hotpoint comes with a Fresh Zone+ drawer – perfect for keeping your fruit and veg at it’s best until you want to use it. Bored of defrosting the freezer? Thanks to its low frost technology, you won’t have to defrost as frequently, leaving you to enjoy your spare time.

Essentials C50BW16 60/40 Fridge Freezer: now £229.99 at Currys

Essentials C50BW16 60/40 Fridge Freezer: now £229.99 at Currys
If you need a fridge freezer at a low, low price but want something of quality, here is your solution. With an A+ energy rating, this fridge freezer has a reversible door makes that makes it easy to fit the appliance into your kitchen.

Currys is a great place to buy a new fridge. There's free delivery and you can select the day you'd like your appliance to arrive. If you pay for installation, your delivery person will disconnect your old appliance and get rid of the packaging for your new one. Currys can even recycle your old fridge, again, for a small fee.

Credit is available so you can pay for your appliance in instalments, and Currys has a Price Match Guarantee. Find your fridge at a cheaper place anywhere else – either in store or online – and Currys will refund you the difference.

Black Friday fridge deals 2022

Amica FDR2213DB 70/30 Fridge Freezer: now £380 at AO

Amica FDR2213DB 70/30 Fridge Freezer: now £380 at AO
this cute, slim and stylish Amica fridge freezer comes in a delightful duck egg blue colour. It’s small but still holds 208-litres, perfect for first-time homeowners who have a little style. One drawback is that it needs manually defrosting, but don’t let that put you off this great deal.

Haier HTF-556DP6 American Fridge Freezer: now £629 at AO

Haier HTF-556DP6 American Fridge Freezer: now £629 at AO
This American fridge freezer from Haier boasts a 456 litre capacity which is the equivalent of 25 bags of food shopping – so there’s plenty of space for your weekly shop.

Samsung RB36R8839SR Frost Free Fridge Freezer: now £1109 at AO

Samsung RB36R8839SR Frost Free Fridge Freezer: now £1109 at AO
This fridge-freezer has a 355-litre capacity – so holds the equivalent of 19 bags of shopping. It features three compartments in both the fridge and the freezer.

You may think that is the new kid on the block when it comes to online shopping. But actually, the electrical retailer is actually over 20 years old, having been founded in 2000.

Like Currys, it has thousands of tech and electrical products to choose from, including the latest smart tech and TVs, to all-singing, all-dancing washing machines, fridges and ovens.

One thing prides itself on is its recycling plant that sustainably gets rid of your old appliances when you get rid of it for a new one from So not only do you get a new appliance, but you save yourself a trip to the recycling centre!

Should I wait for Black Friday to buy appliances?

Black Friday is a good time to buy appliances. Especially now that it has essentially become a month-long stream of amazing deals. However, you will also see great offers on fridge freezers as we approach Boxing Day and the New Year sales, so if you don't find exactly what you want straightaway, you hopefully won't miss out.

How to find the right fridge freezer for you

Before looking, measure up your space. Then you can confine your search depending on the available footprint. Next decide on your budget. The average large fridge freezer costs upwards of £400, but the beauty of Black Friday is you will be able to cast your net a little wider than usual thanks to the deals meaning more fridge for your money.

Next decide if you want just refrigeration or a fridge freezer with both cooling and freezing. You can get different splits meaning more fridge or freezer space depending on your needs. See our guide to the best fridge freezers to see top models and more tips on choosing the right one for you.

White kitchen with skylights and wooden worktops

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

How much storage do I need?

Most models vary in the ratio of fridge to freezer space available. So if you like to make meals from scratch most evenings with fresh ingredients, go for a big fridge, but if you prefer to batch cook, prioritise freezer space.

Still unsure? Buy a design with a ‘multi-zone’ that can be switched between a fridge and freezer. That way, you could use it to chill meat and drinks for summer barbecues, then freeze soup and casseroles in winter.

What fridge freezer will keep my food fresher for longer?

Just as supermarkets store different foods in different ways, so should your fridge-freezer. A cool zone in the fridge, set at a temperature of 0-5°C, will keep meat, fish and dairy fresh, and will defrost food slowly and safely.

Fast freezing locks in the nutrients, moisture and flavour of any fresh food, and a humidity-controlled drawer mean you’ve seen the last of those mushy cucumbers and frosty lettuce. Invest in just a few of these features and you’ll quickly notice that you’re throwing fewer groceries away.

Kitchen with dark blue units, white tiles and a large double door fridge freezer

(Image credit: Future PLC/Chris Snook)

How do I keep running costs down?

Fridge-freezers guzzle more energy than any other appliance, as they’re working 24/7 to keep your food cold, so to keep running costs down look for features like a Holiday Mode.

Activate this when you’re going away and it will either shut the fridge down, or bring it up to around 14°C to keep butter and eggs fresh. I’ve mentioned the benefits of door-in-door design, but also look out for an inverter compressor, which, rather than just turning the power on full blast each time you open the door, uses just enough to get the fridge or freezer back to the right temperature.

What extras do I need?

An ice and water dispenser is a real convenience, letting you grab ice for a drink or chilled water whenever you want, but check whether it needs to be plumbed into the mains. If it does, there may be extra installation costs, but you won’t then have the hassle of refilling the water tank.

Wi-Fi connected smart fridges are a reality now, too. The most simple let you control features like fast freezing remotely, but Samsung’s top-of-the-range fridges have in-built cameras so you can see what’s inside when you’re at the supermarket, and a screen where you can browse recipes or stream live TV.

Look out for more great bargains on a range of homeware, kitchenware and much more on Black Friday (25 November) on our website.

Happy shopping!