Keep fit with B&M’s budget-friendly fitness range

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  • Wherever you choose to work out – do it in style – without blowing the budget

    As healthy living becomes more prevalent in today’s society there are so many more options for how we choose to keep fit. From expensive gym packages and personal trainers to working out from the comfort of our own homes, there’s an option to suit everyone.

    Whichever workout method works for you, you’ll be wanting to look and feel your best while doing so. Bargain superstore B&M has a range of fitness wear and accessories to ensure you work up a sweat in style.

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    Stay hydrated in style. The mix of humorous and motivational slogans help to make this gym essential that little bit more fun.

    Buy now: Sports Bottles, £2.99 each, B&M


    Get the tunes pumping for motivation, music is a great way to stimulate the brain to keep you on track. These Wireless headphones are probably best for strength training rather than running, just in case they were to fall off. With soft cushioning, high quality acoustic sound and up to 6 hours of continuous play they are a great headphone option.

    Buy now: Goodmans Wireless Headphones, £19.99, B&M

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    This handy phone armband is the ideal exercise companion for keeping your phone safe. Also available in White and Grey.

    Buy now: Universal Sports Armband, £2.99, B&M



    Mop the sweat from your brow with this ultra absorbent towel. It’s light-weight and small enough to squeeze into your gym bag. Aside from being soft and compact, it’s also pretty stylish in marl grey with a fluro pink trim.

    Buy now: Cotton Gym Towel, £2.99, B&M



    Whether you’re working out at home, jogging in the park or going to the gym you still need a dedicated workout outfit. In addition to the jacket there’s a range of matching leggings, vest and sports bra.

    Buy now: Ladies Active Fitness Jacket, £9.99, B&M


    Row, row, row your boat whilst watching your favourite soaps, do workouts get much easier than that? This easy-to-use rower pull helps to tone your arms, legs and core all at the same time. Simply put your feet in the footholds and pull in a rowing motion towards your chest, always keeping your posture straight – so not to damage your back.

    Buy now: Soft Pull Core Action Rower, £5.99, B&M



    A set of ankle weights is a simple and effect way to work out the legs while at home – you could multitask and tone while you do the housework even. Complete with adjustable straps these 1kg weights can also be worn around the wrists, to strengthen and tone the arms too.

    Buy now: Ankle Weights 2 pack, £3.99, B&M

    Will you be kick-starting a new fitness regime, now it’s easier than ever to do it from the comfort of your own home?

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