Light up your home this Autumn with B&Ms light up garlands

Instagram is in a floral frenzy

We had a good run of sunshine in September, but the rain and gloom of a typical British Autumn have finally set in. Ward of the gloom and brighten up your home with a B&M light up garland.

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Garlands are typically something you'd associate with Christmas decorations. However, this B&M light up garland is designed to bring joy all year round.

B&M light up garland

We can think of no better time to introduce a little extra cosy light into our bedrooms and living rooms than during this dreary, grey Autumn days.

When the B&M light up garlands appeared on the brands Instagram it quickly clocked up 6,825 likes and 453 comments, with shoppers clamouring to get there hands on them, including:

'Definitely, have to get these'
'How lush are these xxx'
'Omg I need and want xx'
'I sooo need these in my life!!!! 😍😍😍😂'

Plenty of fans were imploring friends and partners to pick them up next time there were in B&M. One Instagram-user even tagged two separate friends, writing: 'If you see these...I need them...please let me know xxx'

Priced at just £5 these LED light-up garlands are an absolute style steal. Featuring faux eucalyptus leaves wrapped around a golden hoop with LED lights nestled amid the leaves.

Garland with white background

(Image credit: TBC)

When lit up the LED lights create a gorgeous subtle glow, illuminating the hoop and leaves.

The garlands are available in green and red. Don't be alarmed, the colours of the artificial plants are nothing like the red and green of an elves uniform.

The red eucalyptus leaves are a dustier reddy purple hue. While the subtle green eucalyptus version would look more at home over a millenials bedspread than in Santa's workshop.

garland with white background

(Image credit: TBC)

Buy in-store: 20 LED Round Wire Garland, £5, B&M

Hang them on their own or loop them over each other to create a stylish light up a feature wall.

The B&M website is not a transactional website so you will have to make a trip to the store to pick one of these up. However, a store assistant should be able to find one for you with the SC: 349788.

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Will you be making a dash to B&M this week?

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