Are you too busy for a relaxing bath?

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  • A poll of 2000 people reveals that the majority of Britons prefer an efficient and functional shower instead of a nice relaxing bath

    When was the last time you managed to make time to de-stress in a relaxing bath? If it was quite a while ago, you are not alone. According to a national survey conducted by Faith in Nature, only 4% of us find the time, revealing that sadly the ‘relaxing bath’ could now be just a myth.

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    According to the survey, more than three-quarters of the British population say they focus on speed and attention to cleanliness rather taking their time with a long soak in the tub.

    Surprisingly, men (21%) are more attentive than women (14%) when it comes to their cleanliness ensuring nothing is left unwashed. It is men who spend longer bathing than women at the weekends, leaving time-pressed females to carry on their weekday routines throughout the weekend. Perhaps men have a little more time on their hands!

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    What with advancing technology it seems more and more of us prefer alternative ways to relax such as catching up with on-demand TV, monitoring social media or a spot of online shopping, so we never fully switch off and unwind.

    Joy Parkinson, Managing Director of Faith in Nature, says: ‘We were really surprised at the results of the national survey and it certainly indicates that Britons have forgotten how to relax. Most people probably know that soaking in a warm bath provides a moment of calm for the mind and body, but they are choosing other ways to spend their time. Perhaps this is a lesson for all of us that we should all give ourselves more time to do things that genuinely make us feel more relaxed.’

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    Here’s Faith in Nature’s recipe for a relaxing bath:

    • Ban all digital devices from the bathroom
    • Turn on some soothing music- no loud beats
    • Dim the lights and light some candles
    • Tell your family that you need 30 minutes of alone time
    • Add some relaxing bath foam. Lavender is recommended for its soothing and calming qualities
    • Enjoy!

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