Catwalk to Couch: We loved Emma Watson’s MTV awards style so much we’ve decided to dip-dye our homes in homage

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  • Each fortnight we show you how to bring the hottest catwalk trends into your own home - this week we're all about ombre

    Emma Watson scooped a Trailblazer award at the MTV awards this weekend,
    and very well deserved it was too. But we think her dress deserves a bit of
    recognition as well, for adding an edgy twist to the ombre trend (thats the
    dip-dye trend to you and I).

    If it wasn't such an overused phrase we'd say Emma looks very 'fashion-forward' in this Ombre dress. Ah, what the heck we'll say it anyway Matt Baron/BEI/Rex Features

    We’ve decided to honour the dress with its very own edition of Catwalk to Couch. So if you want to add a bit of Ombre flavour to your home, read on…

    1. This dip dye cushion is such a perfect match for Emma’s dress, it’s almost like we planned it. The ombre pattern looks like someone’s dipped a paintbrush in a deep inky blue watercolour and swiped it across the fabric. It reminds us of attempting to paint watercolours in art class.

    Add it to your sofa to make all your friends think you’re an ‘arty’ type. Bluebell Gray Ombre cushion, £65, Occa Home.

    2. Toast the ombre trend with these dip-dye effect glasses in bright lime and turquoise. Not for wallflowers, the zingy hues are perfect for a Hollywood starlet, or anyone that wants to be noticed.

    Lime and turquoise Mezzo glassware, from £23 for a set of 4 tumblers, Dotmaison.

    3. Taking the ombre trend to a beautiful new level, this sea green rug has a faded, vintage quality that softens the look. It also has a pretty hefty price tag so you might want to enforce a no-shoes policy at all times. And woe betide the guests that spills red wine on it…

    Designers Guild Eberson Rug, Aqua, from £995, John Lewis.

    4. Girly-up the trend with these multi-hued cereal bowls. Always a sucker for a good product name, we love that these are called ‘fading rainbow cereal bowls’. If you’d asked us what colour bowls we wanted to eat our cereal from when we were 9 years old this is probably what we would have picked. And we still would today.

    Fading rainbow cereal bowls, £47 for a set of 4, Jasmine Way.

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