And you thought UK property prices were out of control… America’s most expensive home listed for £125m (but price does include TWO islands)

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  • Copper Beech Farm is nestled amid 50 acres of land in exclusive Greenwich, Connecticut, but while the views are undeniably out of this world, it could do with a bit of updating...

    In the UK we’re used to soaring property prices: only last week we reported on Zoopla’s Property Rich List, which revealed that London’s Kensington Palace Gardens is the UK’s most expensive street with the average home costing an eye-watering £38 million.

    But, let’s face it, anything we can do, America can usually do better. And bigger, too.

    Enter Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut. A sprawling 12-bedroom property set in 50 acres of lush gardens with uninterrupted vistas of Long Island Sound. Oh yes, it also comes with two islands a mere stone’s throw away (well, sometimes we all need some ‘me’ time).

    This grand home is being touted as America’s most expensive property but, given its hefty price tag, it’s unsurprising that potential buyers haven’t exactly been queueing up round the… er… carefully manicured lawns (tended by a horticulturalist from the New York Botanical Gardens no less).

    So, in an attempt to get the party started, realtors David Ogilvy & Associates has released some more images of the property, currently owned by timber baron John M Rudey.

    But while the grounds and setting of the house are undeniably impressive, the interiors (while perfectly pleasant) aren’t exactly Candy Brothers worthy. Wood-panelled walls certainly have a place in the modern home, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. We guess Mr Rudey likes wood. A lot.

    The three-storey home was originally built in 1896 and was once owned by Harriet Lauder Greenway, whose father helped Andrew Carnegie create US Steel.

    Once any future owner gets to the end of the 1,800ft-long driveway, they will be greeted by 12 bedrooms, nine bathrooms and more than 1,400 sq m of living space.

    They’ll also have a 25m heated pool as well as a wine cellar, tennis courts and viewing pagoda.

    Greenwich has long been a haven for super-rich Manhattanites wanting to find a suitable outlet to show off their vast fortunes. In the 1920s it was lauded as ‘the richest town per capita in the world’, but has fallen on hard-ish times of late since the recession and property crash of 2008.

    Let’s hope, for Mr Rudey’s sake, that the glory days are back to stay…

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