This Harry Potter lamp from Argos has left Facebook spellbound

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  • There is something about this time of year – maybe it’s the gloomy weather or being surrounded by so many pumpkins – that has us craving a night snuggled up in our bedroom with the Harry Potter films. We’ve found the perfect Argos Harry Potter Lamp to make those nights-in a little more magical.

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    Argos is currently selling a bedside lamp that lights up when opened – as if by magic. The Argos Harry Potter Lamp is a replica of Tom Riddle’s slim black diary from The Chamber of Secrets.

    Luckily, this bedside lamp is Horcrux free and instead features the more friendly word Lumos on the front – the spell for light.

    Argos Harry Potter lamp

    harry potter lamp 1

    The lamp is free standing and comes with a USB charging cable, so you don’t need to worry about any pesky cables ruining the magical effect. The lamp turns on as you lift the book cover, which is embossed in gold foil print.

    The front and back cover includes a magnet, so the book can be attached to metal surfaces. If you have a metal bed frame and headboard, create a truly magical effect by having the lit up book floating above your head.

    The Argos Harry Potter book came to our attention when it appeared on The Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook. Priced at £30, the book lamp wasn’t a typical bargain but that didn’t stop the thrifty Potterheads clamouring to get there hands on one.

    The post clocked up 2,800 likes and 3,100 comments. Fans eagerly tagged other friends. Comments included:

    ‘Love it!!!’
    ‘Thanks for sharing this. Been looking at it since it came out but was unsure. Definitely, gonna pick up for my son now.’

    Harry potter lamp 2

    Buy now: Harry Potter Tom Riddle Magic Book Lamp, £30, Argos

    The book lamp can be displayed in a variety of waves. Stand it up and allow the light to peek out from between the two covers. Alternatively, embrace the look of the pages fluttering open like Tom Riddle’s Diary in The Chamber of Secrets by lying it open on its spine.

    The Dupont Tyvek pages are durable and water resistant so shouldn’t succumb to any tears or fraying.

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    Is this magical Harry Potter lamp missing from your bedside table?

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