Kelly Hoppen says she has created the perfect grey paint for her new line with Lick

She's done the hard work for us and created three totally versatile greys

Grey is undoubtedly the nation's favourite design colour of the decade. But when it comes to picking the best grey paint for walls, it's hard to know where to begin. This is where Kelly Hoppen comes in, with her new line of neutral paints with Lick.

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As part of her Timeless Neutrals collection, Kelly Hoppen has created some grey paint shades that will work anywhere. 'Grey is a colour that I call a neutraliser,' she begins.

grey wall white marble worktop and two women

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Buy now - 2.5 litre pot of Grey 09, £38, Lick

'If you put a grey T-shirt with anything you're wearing, it neutralises the look. It brings it down to earth.'

The interior designer recognises that it can be difficult to find the right shade when picking fabrics. 'They're either too blue or too green or too black or too yellow,' she explains.

'So I wanted to pick out two greys that I knew, selfishly, would be my hero greys that I know would make it easy to people who maybe weren't used to trying to find that colour and to be okay,' Kelly says.

living room with grey wall grey door brown chair and wooden flooring

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Buy now - 2.5 litre pot of Grey 10, £38, Lick

The neutrals-loving interiors expert says that the greys in her collection will work with a multitude of different greys. 'These will work anywhere, with brown, blue, purple or yellow.'

Picking grey paint can be stressful because of the seemingly endless options. You have silvery tones, pale neutrals, dark and broody shades - and everything in between.

And while we are certainly being bolder with colour in our homes these days, we don't see grey going anywhere.

lick grey colour paint tin

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Buy now - 2.5 litre pot of Grey 11, £38, Lick

Cool neutrals such as grey can work as a great backdrop on walls, sofas, rugs and curtains. Then you can introduce your favourite colours that go with grey, from jewel tones to dusky pink or retro mustard.

Whether you're coming up with grey bedroom ideas or grey kitchen ideas, the sophisticated, versatile, easy-to-live-with colour will be the perfect starting point.

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The range includes six neutrals, from grey to beige and taupe. A 2.5 litre tin costs £38, and can be purchased on the Lick website.

Would you go for Kelly's pale grey pictured above or go over to the dark side with a more moody grey?

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