New IKEA candles promise ‘affordable luxury’ – with specialist scents from just £5

Retailer announces launch to make high-end scents available for all budgets

We've caught whiff of an exciting new IKEA candle collection, due to arrive in stores from next month.

Developed in collaboration with luxury fragrance house Byredo, the new IKEA candles offer luxury scents to those on a budget – with prices starting from just £5.

The highly anticipated scented candle collection consists of 13 evocative fragrances. Including Pomegranate and Amber, Peach Blossom and Bamboo, Swedish Birch and Juniper and Tobacco and Honey. With each one designed to evoke memories and emotions, and enhance the atmosphere in our homes.

New 'Osynlig' IKEA candles

ikea osynlig candles

(Image credit: IKEA)

'The way your home smells is very emotional and plays a huge part in how you feel being there' explains Ben Gorham, Founder of Byredo. 'It isn’t just about things being functional and practical, it’s the place where you come together with family and friends and make memories.'

'We’ve developed an array of smells highlighting the idea that everyone has a different relationship to scents, and nothing is right or wrong.'

The scents are divided into three different bases– fresh, floral, and woody. These have been curated to help guide people to the aromas that will best suit them. Created using Byredo’s renowned quality raw ingredients and chosen with care to create unique, memorable fragrances, each candle pot is then glazed with a blend of two colours that represent its ingredients.

The hand-made ceramic pots can also be reused once the candle is finished. Designed with this upcycle angle in mind, the pots are ideal to store small trinkets or simply add decoration to a home.

ikea osynlig candle

(Image credit: IKEA)

Each uniquely designed candle pot also symbolises our strong relationship with scent. The triangle-shaped marking on each container is a reference to one of the most popular ways we smell fragrance. As a combination of top notes, which you smell first. Middle notes, which come next and last longer. And lastly base notes – which form the bottom of the triangle and remain for the entire duration of the fragrance.

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The new IKEA candles will be available to purchase exclusively in stores from November.


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