Experts say you’ll sleep better if your bedroom is THIS colour

Research reveals this is best hue for a good night's sleep
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  • Never underestimate the power behind colour therapy. Colour plays a key role on our emotion, often on a subconscious level. This is especially important to consider when decorating homes, particularly bedrooms.

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    Studies have shown people with one particular colour in the bedroom tend to sleep for longer than those with alternative colours.

    best hue for a good night's sleep blue and cream bedroom

    Photo credit: Simon Whitmore

    So what is this magical shade? Well, if the picture above hasn’t given the game away, it’s blue. And why is this the best hue for a good night’s sleep? Apparently it’s all in the eyes.

    Experts explain how the ganglion cells in our retina are most sensitive to the colour blue. It is the shade most associated with a sense of calm and tranquility.

    When blues are picked up by our retina it’s relayed to the brain to help reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

    best hue for a good night's sleep blue bedroom with breakfast tray

    Photo credit: Polly Eltes

    ‘Blue is a complementary hue that can suit many different styles in the home,’ Jo Jaggs, General Manager of Design at Sheridan.

    ‘This colour is always calming and relaxing, from pale powder blues to deep indigos it brings the soothing feeling of the sea. A calm and serene décor is important to have an indulgent night sleep, a simple edit of the essentials and a few little luxuries can change the way you sleep and every activity during the day.’

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    If you’re not feeling brave enough to paint walls, try introducing restful and soothing blue bedding instead.

    Sheridan’s new Atherton bedding has been created for a more comfortable and deeper sleep. This new print takes a classic floral pattern and adds a modern twist to bring a textural look and feel to your bedroom.

    best hue for a good night's sleep Sheridan new blue bedding

    Photo credit: Sheridan

    There is however, one blue that doesn’t help the brain before going to sleep – the blue light of a smart screens.

    ‘Try to avoid having electronic devices in the bedroom, full stop,’ advises Dr Ranj Singh, Brand Ambassador for British bed brand, Sleepeezee. ‘Or use a blue-light filtering app or mode.’

    Because in this case the blue light stops your body from producing melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep.

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    Will you be introducing shades of blue into your sleep routine?

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