Are you guilty of this bad bathroom habit that’s putting an end to romance?

1 in 5 relationships have even come to breaking point over these dirty bathroom habits
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  • A recent study of 2,000 adults reveals ‘bathroom wars’ are frequently taking place across the country, as a result of bad bathroom habits.

    With 65 per cent admitting to arguing with a partner, up to three times a week, over the state the bathroom is left in. The most common arguments centre around the floor being left soaking wet, and the toilet seat being left up.

    The research, commissioned by Triton Showers, found over a third of adults think their partner hogs the shower for too long.

    With failing to clean the taps and leaving wet towels strewn out enraging at least one in six.

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    bad bathroom habits

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    Top 10 bad bathroom habits

    1.Leaving an empty toilet roll and not replacing it
    2. Never cleaning the toilet
    3. Never cleaning hair out of the plughole
    4. Leaving a ghastly smell behind
    5. Never cleaning the taps properly
    6. Leaving wet towels lying around
    7. Leaving the floor soaking wet
    8. Always leaving the loo seat up
    9. Leaving hairs in the sink or shower tray after shaving
    10. Hanging the toilet roll the ‘wrong’ way

    Astonishingly nearly one in five say they have split up with a partner because of infuriating bathroom antics.

    A spokeswoman for Triton Showers says, ‘ Bathroom nightmares – we can all relate to them. From the research it’s clear to see how passionate Brits are about this room of the house, and how important it is to be clean.’

    bad bathroom habits revealed

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    ‘Whilst the habits of many can’t be controlled, it’s still seen as a place you go to relax and spend some time getting away from the stresses of daily life.’

    From the study 10 per cent admitting they looked for two bathrooms when moving to a new house, as a result of annoying bathroom habits.

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    Men cited partners not clearing their hair out of the plug hole was the most infuriating. While women feel most horrified by the mess or the ghastly smell left behind in the toilet.

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