Can’t sleep? Introducing the hypo-allergenic bedding that improves your sleep by 25 per cent

Did somebody say 'lie in'?
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  • As cold and flu season kicks in (take it from someone who’s already been hit with the lurgy) and the days get shorter, the urge to hide under the duvet becomes ever stronger. It also puts the spotlight on our bedding, so crucial to a good night’s rest.

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    It’s not just a case of switching your light summer duvet for one with a heavier tog rating. Depending on what it’s made of, your bedding could have you sweating, sneezing, scratching or snoring – all of which will put pay to a decent night’s shut eye.

    However, we’ve discovered one magical material that’s been proven to improve your sleep, so what is it?

    Well, perhaps surprisingly to some people, it’s wool. Wrongly assumed to be scratchy, stiflingly hot and really tricky to look after, wool is actually perfect for bedding for two big reasons.

    The first is that it’s been proven to improve sleep quality, with research suggesting that wool bedding can actually help provide up to 25 per cent more stage four regenerative sleep. That’s the point at which our body is at its peak in terms of the repair and regeneration of cells. So in other words, sleeping under wool will leave you feeling fresher and more ready for the day ahead.

    Its second advantage is that it’s hypo-allergenic, so no more sneezing or itching. And did you know that wool also absorbs harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)  in the air, the stuff often found in cleaning products and paint. So if you are looking to create a holistic sleep environment, it’s a winner.

    Woolroom, who is raising the profile of wool bedding with its wool sleeping range, has the only complete natural sleep solution approved by Allergy UK, from mattress to pillows.

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    Visit one of its three stores in Ipswich, Marlow or the Peak District, and you can have a personal sleep consultation that will help you find the perfect firmness of mattress and pillow, and weight of duvet. Can’t get to a store? The same expert advice is available online at

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    The Woolroom’s aim is to dispel the myths that natural wool is itchy, difficult to wash and too warm, and show British wool for the miracle fabric it really is! They can show you a range of different wool types and are so confident in what they offer they offer a 100 night sleep guarantee when you buy a mattress coupled with a Woolroom protector/topper. Plus a 30 night sleep guarantee when you buy a full bedding set of a duvet, pillow and mattress protector.

    We’ll leave you to sleep on it, but if your bedding sitch is a nightmare, it might be the dream solution…

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