Homesetc: Wander through an extended Victorian house in London

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  • Amanda bought this Victorian London house 3 years ago, though only moved in 2 years ago because the house required a great deal of work. It is a Victorian, semi-detached house with 2 floors originally, however Amanda decided to dig a basement, extend on the ground floor, and add a second floor loft extension. Mary, Houses Editor at Livingetc believes this house is perfect for the magazine because it ticks many boxes; it has a beautiful structure, the aesthetic is beautifully interpreted by Amanda, it has lots of wow features, a luxurious edge, stand out art, boasts fantastic lighting, and uses different combinations, which haven’t been seen before. Amanda wanted a feeling of space and fluidity between each space in the home. She wanted the look to be a relaxed, but classic and modern, but with a mix of both old and new. Bringing light into the house was a key feature, Amanda wanted a large staircase running down the middle of the house to make use of all the space. In order to get light into an area of the basement which had no natural light , she installed a wall of mirrored cupboards – which was a really important element in creating the feeling of space and light. Amanda feels luxury gives a level of comfort, therefore she likes things which are well crafted and built. One of her favourite features of the house are the double height doors and the fact you can stand in the kitchen or the basement and see the sky. She chose to have a large master suite so converted 3 bedrooms into a lovely, large suite complete with dressing room. Mary from Livingetc adores the ‘be brave’ wall sign, which you see as you walk in the house and sums up the whole attitude to the space. Amanda explains how this sign is a bit of a family motto and therefore adds a personal touch.

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