Peter Andre meets Style at Home: Peter’s perfect Christmas

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  • Laurie from Style at Home is ready for Christmas and is super excited to meet Peter Andre. In this video he talks about his perfect Christmas and all the great festive food at Iceland.

    How did you team up with Iceland?
    They approached me two years ago. They wanted to revolutionise the brand. Iceland have evolved and want to change the image of frozen food. Frozen is actually a good thing. A lot of people waste food and by freezing it you avoid it. Also, people buy what they consider to be fresh meat, take it home and freeze it, then defrost and cook it. What Iceland is are saying is that it is as fresh as the day it was caught, so for example with scallops, they take them from the ocean and freeze them within two hours.

    What do you hope to get for Christmas this year?
    I really wanted an apple watch so I bought one myself. My theory is if you expect it you might not receive it. Last year all I wanted was robes and slipper or a nice fluffy pair of PJs. Or even a tool I can use for cooking – just simple things.

    How do you decorate your tree?
    With great difficulty – I end up with lights hanging everywhere! You know what us guys are like, we start doing a little bit and then throw the rest on. You can tell when it is not done well.

    If Style at Home were to buy you a home-inspired gift this Christmas, what would you choose?
    You can get me a pre-prepared tree – that had already been designed! I do love simple things, like something quirky for the kitchen.

    What is your favourite Christmas movie?
    Home Alone

    What is your favourite Christmas song?
    Let it snow

    Where is your favourite place to go shopping at Christmas?
    Hamleys and Toys’R’Us for the kids. I like Debenhams and Zara

    Real tree or faux tree?

    Christmas jumper or Christmas crocker hat?

    Trifle or Christmas pudding?
    Christmas pudding

    Hot or cold Christmas?

    Eggnog or mulled wine?
    Mulled wine

    Presents before or after lunch?

    Stocking or sack?

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