Aldi announces the launch of its first-ever candle advent calendar (and it's less than £25)

It might just be set to rival our cult favourites as a budget alternative

Aldi candle advent calendar
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi has announced that it will be launching its first-ever candle advent calendar. It's the ultimate Christmas essential that we're already coveting – and smitten may be an understatement. The best part? It will only set you back just under £25.

When we talk about the best advent calendars we can buy in preparation for the festive season, it's no secret that we certainly have a few favourites that we can name from the top of our heads (The White Company advent calendar, you will always be famous). However, there may be a new competitor on the horizon to rival our cult favourites.

Aldi candle advent calendar

(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi launches its first-ever candle advent calendar

Considering how much we talk about Aldi home fragrances and every new collection of scented candles they launch almost week in and week out (shoutout to their latest patisserie candle range), it only makes sense that we'd be one of the first to have our sights set on the supermarket's first-ever candle advent calendar.

Counting down the days to Christmas has never been so luxurious as Aldi announces the launch of their Candle Advent Calendar, priced at just £24.99.

Keep the calendar above your fireplace as a Christmas mantel decor idea to keep quiet luxury alive during the festive season. We think it's safe to say that Christmas has come early – and we're not mad about it.

Hidden behind numbered doors, candle fans can expect to unveil a new single-wick scented candle each day as Christmas nears. Jam-packed with Aldi fan favourites, shoppers will also be able to delight in new scents.

Some new scents include Birch & Hawthorn (which oozes leathery bark notes with vanilla and almond hints), Tonka Bean & Pistachio (nutty and herbaceous with sweet, woody touches), and Ginger Biscuit, which can only be described by Aldi as the true scent of Christmas which will invite a warm, spiced scent into your home.

If you've been looking to embark on the journey of finding your home's signature scent, you can indulge in 25 days of scent experimentation at less than £1 a candle or are simply looking for a Christmas gift under £50 for a loved one who enjoys life's little luxuries. 

Aldi candle advent calendar

(Image credit: Aldi)

The Aldi candle advent calendar will be available to buy in stores from the 29th of October while stocks last.

Let's get a head start on the festivities ahead of the Christmas season.

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