Instagram fans are raving over these gorgeous, luxury-looking Aldi candles that are less than £4 each

Scenting your home doesn't have to break the bank

Aldi Glass Pearl Candle and Diffuser
(Image credit: Aldi)

If there's one thing Aldi is known for, it's for delivering luxury-smelling scents on a budget – and they've knocked it out of the park once again with their latest range of glass pearl candles and reed diffusers which fans are going crazy for on social media.

Aldi has long been one of the most notable to bring out some of the best scented candles that not only smell amazing but also look great in a home. Long-time fans will know that the supermarket has been churning out scents for their beloved middle aisle inspired by name brands for a while now.

From their Jo Malone Hurricane candle dupes and Tom Ford-inspired diffuser scents, they've proven that giving your home a signature scent doesn't have to run your purse dry after all. So, when we saw Instagram fans raving about Aldi's new scents inspired by the luxury candle brand, Baobab Collection, we had to see what all the fuss was about.

In a reel shared by @homeslovehighstreet, they showed off the scents saying they were quickly adding them 'in the trolley' and dubbing them 'little bargains' – and at their affordable £3.49 price point, we agree.

Compared to the minimum £55 price point at Baobab Collection, the savings are pretty hard to deny when you look at them side by side. Although slightly different, we think the handblown design is pretty reminiscent of the tortoiseshell home decor trend that was super popular a little while ago.

They look so good that we're tempted to get our hands on some just so we can later reuse the candle jars for other things around our homes. Considering it's easy enough to clean leftover candle wax from jars using hot water, we're definitely eyeing these scents up.

Fans in the comments are just as obsessed as us saying, 'Ah I love these so much going to try get my hands on one for the candles,' with others tagging their friends saying they 'need' to go to Aldi as soon as possible. Seeing as they're a surefire way to make a living room look expensive, it's easy to see why fans are loving it.

The Aldi Glass Pearl candles and reed diffusers are available in three scents: Jasmine & Musk, Grapefruit, Amber & Vetiver and lastly, Patchouli & Tonka Bean. Both the candle and reed diffusers are £3.49 each and are in stores now while stocks last.

We'd hate for you to be disappointed if these sell out before you've had a chance to go in-store and snag one for yourself, so we suggest going sooner rather than later if you've got your eye on them.

Jullia Joson
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