This new Anthropologie candle is the perfect combination of our love for mushroom lamps and lovely scents

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Cheena Petite Night Gardenia Glass Mushroom Lamp Candle
(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Ever since the retro lighting trend came around at the beginning of the year, we’ve been loving the look of mushroom lamps originating in the 1970s. Chic yet adorable, these glass table lamps are shaped like a mushroom (hence the name) and have led to many contemporary dupes like the George Home mushroom lamp we’ve been loving. 

And now we have a new obsession that we didn’t even see coming. It’s Anthropologie’s Cheena mushroom candle. Selling for £30 a piece providing 20 hours of burn time, this genius mushroom lamp design houses a scented candle infused with a choice of three intoxicating smells - floral gardenia, spiced woods and fruity and fresh apple and champagne. 

Cheena Petite Night Gardenia Glass Mushroom Lamp Candle

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Available in three speckled glass colourways - pink, amber and blue - which looks as luxurious as traditional Murano glass, the candle can be displayed and lit both with the ‘lampshade’ top attached or removed. This might be one of the best candle designs we’ve seen recently. Unique, ingenious and so cute!

Cheena Petite Ambered Topaz Glass Mushroom Lamp Candle

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Ideal Home’s Assistant Editor, Thea Babington-Stitt, loves the candle’s versatility and has found herself enchanted with the pink Night Gardenia design.

‘As soon as I saw this candle lamp I was obsessed. I’ve been very into the mushroom lamp trend but couldn’t justify buying another light, but I can always, always justify a new candle,’ she confesses. ‘I love how you can leave it with the flame out, or create a cosy scene with the lid on. This is absolutely one I’ll be meticulously scraping excess wax out of when it’s used up so I can refill with fresh wax, or use as a tea light vessel.’

It’s no wonder that this baby is on back order. The Night Gardenia that is. If you can wait until late October, we recommend you bag yours while that option is still there. But equally, if you’re more into the dark jewel tone of Cheena Ambered Topaz with complementing notes of sweet amber, cardamom and cedarwood or you fancy the Apple Cider Champagne design fragranced with champagne, apple and sweet orange peel, then you can add those to basket right this second, no waiting required. 

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