5 colours that go with light blue – stunning expert-approved pairings to elevate this trending hue

Bring the classic colour up to date

Blue painted kitchen with wooden accents
(Image credit: COAT Paints)

In case you haven't noticed, blue is having a bit of a moment right now. In particular, light blue. If you're looking to incorporate this refreshing and calming colour into your home, you might be wondering what colours go with light blue.

While there are plenty of colour combinations already out there to try and experiment with, we don't blame you for simply wanting answers upfront. The amazing thing about light blue is its versatility. It's equally invigorating yet soothing in all the best ways, and lends itself to either being highlighted within a living room colour scheme or playing a role as a more subdued foundation.

'Light blue is a firm favourite in the home,' notes Michael Rolland, managing director at The Paint Shed. 'It gives a point of difference that the usual variations of white don't, but still acts as a strong neutral base that you can pair with some eye-catching colours.' 

It's no wonder that it's quickly becoming a favourite colour trend.

Colours that go with light blue

As we finally take the first steps out of what felt like a prolonged winter season, there's no better hue than light blue to create a fresh and tranquil atmosphere in your home, whether it be within a bedroom colour scheme or even in kitchen colour schemes alike.

These are the 5 best colours to pair with light blue to kickstart some inspiration for you.

1. White

Blue painted hallway with white console table and hanging mirror

(Image credit: YesColours)

Starting with the basics, we've got white. You can either love it or hate it, but it's undeniable that white will always be a go-to pairing. Michael explains that 'white is a super accent colour to use alongside light blue', especially if curating a calm colour scheme is at the forefront of your decorating intentions.

Sarah Lloyd, paint and interiors expert at Valspar Paint assures, 'White paint is amazing for creating the ultimate serene haven, especially when paired with light blue.' You heard that right, you may just have a winner for your next rotation of calming colours for a bedroom.

When using light blue, Sarah suggests combining different textures of white and cream in your living space, whether through living room rug ideas, artwork, or decorative accessories to add visual interest.

'You can create a blissful space reminiscent of a Grecian paradise.'

2. Taupe

Bathroom with blue sinks, hanging mirror, and natural wood elements

(Image credit: Future PLC/Bee Holmes)

Staying afloat in neutral land still, but hear us out. 'Making light blue the accessory accent colour against a timeless taupe is a great way to highlight the colour in a way traditionally only considered for deeper shades,' explains Rob Abrahams, COAT's co-founder and CEO.

This works similarly to white, acting as a strong neutral base, but a tad warmer. Alternatively, you can also work this the other way round and pair taupe furnishings against a light blue wall. Rob suggests this for a gender-neutral nursery, for example.

3. Dark blue

Kitchen with light blue painted walls, yellow dining table and chairs, and kitchen shelving

(Image credit: COAT Paints)

If you're someone who knows their colour wheel, then you'll know that pairing light blue with dark blue is also a fantastic way to create contrast in a room, while still keeping everything cohesive.

'On its own or paired with the wrong colour, dark blue can often be overpowering, and light blue helps to spotlight the grand darker shade,' explains Michael.

To add a pop of colour against the calming eye level, Rob even suggests going as far as adding a more primary mid-tone shade: like working in the viral 'Unexpected Red Theory' or using bold yellow accessories to break up the blue hues.

4. Rosy pink

Bedroom with checkerboard walls and bed with blue bedding

(Image credit: YesColours)

To dial up the freshness of light blue further, Emma Bestley, co-founder of YesColours recommends going for brighter colours to pair with light blue, like pinks, as they embrace the hues of nature well. That being said, it may be time to bring out your best pink paint once and for all.

Sarah notes that opting for a rosy pink that is warm, modern, and chic and then pairing it with light blue will create a space that you can look forward to coming home to, without risking being too overpowering and contrasting.

5. Purple

Light blue painted living toom with purple sofas, decorative cushions, coffee table, fireplace

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

This one may be the most surprising of them all, but if you aim to create a statement within your interiors, look no further than purple. 'It's the colour choice for many people trying to achieve a stately look, as it delivers majesty and pomp,' explains Michael.

This is something we've been seeing a lot of lately, from recent media like The Traitors-inspired interiors and in the latest dark Victorian furnishing trend. Rob even notes that 'the Regency period saw pale blues become fashionable in interiors, giving all of us that nod of elegance whichever space you put it in.'

Michael advises using purple as an accent wall in a bedroom, for painting cabinets and bookcases, or even as the main colour scheme in a living room. When paired together, light blue offers the 'quiet kindness' you need to offset the boldness of purple. Better yet, if you're going for that regal look, it adds a softer touch.

Imagine a light blue living room feature wall as a backdrop to a statement purple piece. Now that's a wow factor.

Blue painted kitchen with wooden accents

(Image credit: COAT Paints)

While there is a myriad of different colours you can pair alongside the classic light blueto make it sing, these are the 5 we're currently loving – spanning from neutral to bolder, elevated schemes. It's a testament that light blue is not only a colour to be associated with rest and serenity but rather, can be used as a statement, too.

There are still plenty more ways to create awe-inspiring schemes with light blue than may initially come to mind, and we look forward to seeing them take centre stage all the more.

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