George Clarke reveals the thing that will make a 'big difference' to every rented home – and it won't break the budget

'I love them, I've bought loads of them'

George Clarke
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Architect and TV presenter, George Clarke, is certainly no stranger to the biggest home furnishing trends sweeping social media right now. Best known for his appearances on Channel 4's The Home Show, The Restoration Man, George Clarke's Old House New Home, and George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, there is nary an interior-related topic he isn't clued up on.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that even he is all-in on a huge lighting trend that has hit the interiors world with a vengeance this year (and has only continued to rise in popularity).

Speaking to us at the Ideal Home Show in Olympia London as a celebrity guest and brand ambassador for Sofology, we grilled George on his best advice for decorating a rented property to make it feel personalised without making big changes, to which he had one response: opting for the best wireless lamps.

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George Clarke's lighting must-have for rented homes

'You've got to be careful with rentals. It all depends on what your landlord allows you to do,' he begins. 'Some landlords will even let you paint your house a different colour. Sometimes you're not even allowed to hang pictures on the wall.'

'So it's about choosing things that won't have any material impact on the built fabric of the property.' In simpler terms, it basically means opting for decor solutions that steer clear of using any nails, screws, or drilling – things we likely already know from past advice on decorating rental walls.

'So, you might have artwork which sits on a stand. Or, what's also really great are rechargeable lamps. I've got some beautiful little LED lamps that have got no cables and I love them,' says George. 'I've bought loads of them and what's really nice is that I find myself moving them around different parts of the house.'

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'Artificial lighting for me is everything. I'm obsessed with it. Everyone's got personal tastes and everyone likes different levels of lighting,' he adds. 'I'm someone who likes low-level light at the end of the day. I like very soft light, I like lamps, and I like having flexibility in my lighting design as well.'

'Having wireless, rechargeable lighting or wirelessly charged products has given me so much more flexibility because they don't have to be plugged in. They can be placed anywhere. It's made a big difference.'

Having seen the impact of wireless lamps in bringing about ambience to once one-dimensional bedroom lighting ideas to even becoming a must-have versatile living room lighting solution, we couldn't agree more.

Dark painted living room with shelving and fireplace, round mirror, and table lamp

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'I bought a new coffee table recently and I've never had lighting on a coffee table before as I'd normally have candles. But, I've put this really beautiful brass LED light which has like seven different functions on it – warm light, cool light, bright light, low light – and I've got it sitting on my coffee table, and it changes the whole ambience of the room,' continues George.

'So, I think technology and wireless things are giving you more opportunities in a rental property to make it feel more personal without affecting the fabric of the house.'

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Although playing with lighting has long been the top solution for easily personalising a rented home, knowing that even George Clarke is applying it to his own home assures us even more that this is a lighting trend with a long shelf-life ahead of it.

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