Genius IKEA RASKOG trolley ideas – 5 hacks to personalise the cult IKEA buy

We can attest that this trolley is viral for good reason...

Black trolley displaying kitchen utensils next to doorframe
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The IKEA RASKOG trolley is a cult buy that's not hard to spot at all. From their practicality and versatility, it's no wonder that this buy from the flat-pack hero continues to stand in the graces of many homeowners and renters alike, even after years of its release.

It's long been a known fact that IKEA hacks are an affordable way to upgrade the classics and give them a bespoke look, and while there may not be too much you can do to really change up the look and feel of the RASKOG trolley, you might stumble across an idea that'll give you a pleasant surprise due to their sheer genius.

Ikea trolley used in bathroom for toiletry storage next to roll top bath

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IKEA RASKOG trolley ideas

A good-quality trolley can easily elevate any room, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, and the IKEA RASKOG trolley is one that can be instantly recognised as a home decor item in any space – however, it doesn't mean that you can't personalise it and make it your own.

We've scoured our archives and the internet to gather just a handful of IKEA RASKOG trolley ideas we think are definitely worth considering, from bar carts to bedside tables, we're sure there's something to suit everyone's interests.

1. Kitchen caddy

Amongst the many IKEA kitchen hacks there are to surface the internet, an easy way to add a little extra something to your kitchen is to use the RASKOG trolley as a kitchen storage solution (and the fact that it's on wheels and portable is even better).

Black trolley displaying kitchen utensils next to doorframe

(Image credit: Future PLC)

2. Bar cart

Of course, you can't talk about trolleys without mentioning their genius use to serve drinks. If you don't quite have the outdoor space to flesh out a garden bar idea but want to keep your guests (or even just yourself) entertained for a boozy night in, consider using the classic RASKOG to stock up on your favourite drinks or serve your ice-cold drinks in the summer.

Orange trolley used as makeshift bar cart

(Image credit: IKEA)

3. Crafts and stationery storage

If you've got quite the creative eye and need some extra storage for any arts and crafts materials or stationery, using your RASKOG trolley to store all your materials is a genius way to keep a small home office looking neat and tidy.

Teal trolley displaying arts and crafts supplies next to white desk

(Image credit: Future PLC)

4. Bedside table

If you struggle with knowing how to declutter a bedside table because you claim you need extra storage and space, why not consider using the RASKOG trolley as the perfect alternative for a traditional bedside table? Amy at Homey Oh My has displayed just that.

Even better, IKEA has started selling a bamboo chopping board that works as the perfect lid for the top storage shelf of the RASKOG, giving you even more surface area to keep all your night-time essentials close to hand.

White trolley being used as bedside table displaying everyday essentials

(Image credit: Homeyohmy)

5. Bathroom caddy

Whether you're lacking bathroom storage space or would rather just have all your go-to products and essentials in one place, using a RASKOG trolley as a towel storage idea and more, just as Amy at Homey Oh My has, may just be what you need to finally rid yourself of a cluttered-looking bathroom.

White trolley being used as bathroom storage caddy

(Image credit: Homeyohmy)

Honestly speaking, there are so many more uses for the IKEA RASKOG trolley than we could get into just today alone, but we hope these simple ideas have inspired you and sparked further curiosity into how else you can use a trolley to dress up any space in your home.

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