The Christmas decorations making your home look outdated – experts say this is what to do instead

Don’t make these decorating mistakes this Christmas and avoid making your home look dated

A decorated Christmas tree in a living room next to the fireplace
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If you haven’t decorated your tree and the rest of your home for Christmas yet, now is the perfect time as we’re just coming out of the big tree weekend - the prime time of year most bring their Christmas tree home. But as you get into your decorating, be careful not to accidentally make your home look outdated with the chosen Christmas decorations.

Just like any other home decor trends, favoured Christmas styles change every year too. Which means that without knowing the latest Christmas tree trends, you could make your abode look out of date. But at the same time, it isn’t recommended (or particularly economical) to buy a set of brand new decorations each year.

That’s why we turned to our Christmas decorating experts to offer some advice on how to avoid making your home look dated, while injecting some personality and adding a contemporary touch to this Christmas season. And they came back with some excellent tips.

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What to do to avoid outdated Christmas decor

‘Christmas decor trends typically change every year, and while the beauty of decorating lies in personal taste and sentiment, there are some ways that decor can make your home look dated,’ says Ben Wightman, product expert at Christmas Tree World.

So here's what to do instead.

1. Take a break from tradition

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Making your Christmas decor more personal to you, your personality and interests is a trend that’s been rising in popularity with each year in recent times. And opting for unusual ornaments or DIY Christmas decor ideas replaced more traditional Christmas decorations and colour schemes.

‘The colour schemes of yesteryear include classic deep reds and greens, whereas in more recent years many have opted for more neutral tones,’ Ben says.

This is also in line with recent research from NOW TV which reveals that the likeability of traditional Christmas decorations is on the decline as over a third of Brits (34%) says they’re boring. 

But that doesn’t mean you should toss your classic Christmas baubles or keep them in storage. ‘Our recommendation is to mix your classic decorations with modern, on-trend elements. As deep reds and greens can appear quite harsh, we recommend keeping these hues at a balance with neutral decorations - glass ornaments are a great option here as they have a subtle yet elegant appearance,’ Ben suggests.

2. Decide on a colour scheme beforehand

A decorated Christmas tree in a living room next to the fireplace

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Choosing a Christmas colour scheme for your home and sticking to it will not only avoid making your home look dated – it will also elevate it and make it appear more cohesive and considered.

‘Failing to decide on a colour scheme before you start to decorate can age your interiors. Choosing which focal colours you want on show this year will allow you to filter out any ornaments or features that don’t contribute to the overall theme and prevent you from overcrowding your tree,’ Ben says.

3. Make it personal

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As previously mentioned, a personal touch in Christmas decorating is becoming more and more desirable. NOW TV’s research also showed that 64% of Brits think of their Christmas tree as an opportunity to express themselves, while 77% own personal baubles that have a special meaning to them. So mix those in, while also keeping the bigger picture and scheme in mind. 

‘Choosing unique and eye-catching ornaments is central to Christmas decor, and it's helpful to decorate repeat patterns for impact and volume,’ says Danielle Le Vaillant, head of photography and film at Cox & Cox.

Ben adds, ‘Many of us will hold sentimental ornaments and there is no need to sacrifice these in your decorating as Christmas is all about family. But make sure that they are being used cohesively alongside modern elements. By incorporating trending pieces with your festive favourites, you'll keep your home feeling modern and festive.’

A brightly decorated Christmas tree in a decorated living room

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What is the Christmas decor trend in 2023?

Some of the hottest Christmas decor trends of the year include Christmas disco, which is all about mirrored disco balls, metallics and shimmery decor taking centre stage, as well as Wonkacore inspired by the upcoming film about the young founder of the famous chocolate factory. Christmas tree ribbon ideas and bows are also looks that we keep seeing again and again.

How do you revamp old Christmas decorations?

If you have some old and tired Christmas decorations in your possession, there is no need to throw them away. Instead, you can give them a fun makeover whether that’s with decoupage which is making a comeback this year or by using paint similarly to the Anthropologie bauble DIY dupe.

Happy decorating!

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