Perrie Edwards' bold tablecloth choice embodies a 'louder level of luxe' we predict will redefine home decor trends

Eat your heart out, quiet luxury

Perrie Edwards
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We don't know about you, but Perrie Edwards pretty much defined girlhood for us during her Little Mix glory days. Not only does she command attention on the stage, but her home is equally a force to be reckoned with. Our latest obsession? Her bold, opulent plush velvet tablecloth.

Last year we saw the tablescaping trend take off unlike anything we've ever seen before, with all sorts of themes taking centre stage. As darker and moodier home decor trends continue to grow in popularity (the Mob Wife aesthetic being the most recent), it's no surprise we're seeing the likes of 'loud luxury' increasingly dominate the tablescaping scene, too.

Perrie Edwards has previously made it known that she's one to favour bolder interior choices, her statement staircase telling us everything we need to know about her sophisticated tastes. So, the singer opting for a plush velvet tablecloth which designers say 'exudes elegance' is unsurprising, to say the least.

'Although a lot of interior design trends have moved towards minimalism and quiet luxury, velvet can really satisfy those who crave a moodier edge or a louder level of luxe,' begins Avalana Simpson, designer at Avalana Design.

While velvet may be an unusual choice for a tablecloth, when executed correctly, it can add a whole new layer of interest to a room. 'An opulent option for cushions and curtains, velvet is often overlooked for dining areas, kitchens, and office spaces yet it exudes elegance and can help to pull a scheme together effortlessly,' adds Avalana.

It's unexpected, but it's that very element of surprise that makes it work so well and mesh with an existing dining room colour scheme or configuration. Not to mention, dining rooms have become quite the spectacle among celebrities, especially if the likes of Amanda Holden's dining room makeover, for example, has any say in the matter. So, Perrie is bang on trend with her loud luxury tablecloth.

A dining room with dining table, bench covered with a fur throw, and blue dining chair, with a floor to ceiling mural on the wall behind

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Cassandra Leisz, creative director at innovative interiors brand, Ruggable explains that 'incorporating velvet, whether in tablescapes, throw pillows, curtains, or upholstery adds depth, texture add a bit of glam luxury to any space.'

To add, as we still face the realities of the winter season, plush velvet accents can help to create a cosy atmosphere in your home. 'Perrie has done this by incorporating velvet on her table,' remarks Cassandra. 'Velvet's softness and warmth make a room inviting and comfortable, particularly during the winter months.'

Living room with a blue velvet sofa and glass coffee table and view of the staircase and mezzanine floor behind

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As well as upping the ante to a cosy living room idea, velvet is also a dream for incorporating contrast among your existing decor. 'Adding velvet with a textured pattern in ebony black on her work table contrasts beautifully against the modern clean lines of black-edged frames and the more muted grey furniture elsewhere in her space,' explains Avalana.

This makes it perfect if you're after a budget-friendly decorating idea to instantly refresh a tired-looking room, lending itself as a clever way to make a dining room look expensive.

How to incorporate velvet accents into your home

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to embody Perrie's bold interior choices into your own home, should you be so keen to get stuck in.

If Perrie's all-black scheme isn't quite right for you, Avalana advises opting for jewel tones and adding elegant touches of velvet for table runners and matching seat cushions rather than large-scale tablecloths. Jess Martin, party decoration expert at Ginger Ray recommends opting for 'darker coloured velvet like deep red, forest green, or navy blue for a rich and opulent feel.'

However, as 'Perrie has opted for a lavish design with organic, asymmetrical lines for nature-inspired intrigue', begins Cassandra, 'when styling your own space with velvet, consider a textured or patterned textile that combines velvet's lush hand-feel with mood-boosting details for extra personality.'

Shop velvet table linen

Since Perrie Edwards is very evidently teasing the release of a solo project on Instagram, best believe we'll be keeping a keen eye on more snippets of her lavish home to lust after – our most recent spot following the singer's velvet tablecloth being her Japandi-style kitchen.

Quiet luxury, eat your heart out. We're going bolder this year.

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