Perrie Edwards' Japandi-style kitchen is a 'masterclass' for adding warmth to an all-white cooking space, say designers

We love her alternative take on the slab splashback trend

Perrie Edwards
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Perrie Edwards has been making waves on social media recently, teasing what we can only assume is her first solo album detached from the Little Mix name. As a result, we've gotten glimpses into her home where we spotted the singer using a wooden slat splashback to bring warmth to her otherwise all-white kitchen, serving major Japandi vibes.

This year's kitchen trends crowned slab splashbacks as one of the hottest additions to a cooking space. While we've seen this sophisticated splashback idea employed in many celebrity kitchens as of late, Perrie Edwards has spun the well-sought-after look on its head, forgoing the traditional likes of marble and tiling in favour of wood.

'Look to Perrie Edwards' kitchen for a style masterclass,' begins Anne Haimes, design director and founder of Anne Haimes Interiors. 'The warm tones of the wood and natural texture help bring balance to the more modern elements of her kitchen, contrasting her ultra-sleek glossy white cabinetry with a more rustic, homier touch.'

While we typically associate slab splashbacks with the look of luxurious and almost untouchable homes, the wood kitchen panelling employed in Perrie's home brings about that lived-in feel that instantly adds character to the classic white kitchen. This is something we've also seen employed in the likes of Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott's kitchen, too.

Anne explains how opting for slatted wood is a 'smart choice' for Perrie's kitchen, 'introducing texture and visual interest, making the splashback a focal point in a room which otherwise could appear too flat and one-dimensional'.

Better yet, Darren Watts, design development director at Wren Kitchens notes that utilising wood or wooden finishes in a kitchen perfectly leans on the 'Japandi' home decor trend which garnered a lot of popularity last year among countless living spaces.

Kitchen with wooden accents and wall panelling, dining table, mirror

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Believe it or not, but when used correctly, wood can even make a kitchen look expensive and lend itself as a must-have for a quiet luxury kitchen idea over its highly-coveted marble counterparts.

Touching on the impact of wood accents, interior designer and founder of AMC Design, Ann Marie Cousins says, 'Wood is great for so many reasons. It is warm and luxurious and using it as your upstand or splashback is a new and fresh way to add that sense of luxe to your kitchen. It taps into the quiet luxe look that we've seen so much in fashion – a low-key but opulent look that doesn't need to shout to make its mark.'

Given Perrie Edwards' knack for beautiful design features like her statement staircase and opulent plush velvet tablecloth, it's unsurprising that she's opted for a wooden slat splashback, too.

Wooden cabinetry in kitchen with white kitchen island displaying decor

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Not only do wooden slat splashbacks look great in a kitchen, but they're also more affordable than alternative kitchen tile ideas and traditional slab splashbacks. Anne explains that 'wooden backsplashes are cheaper and less labour-intensive to install compared to heavier and harder-to-cut materials like marble'.

Not to mention, wood is and always has been extremely versatile, irrespective of wherever it's being used in a home. Darren assures that due to wood's versatility within a kitchen, 'it can be paired with a wide range of colours, from neutrals to bolder colours, such as greens and oranges'. This might just be the stepping stone to consider to add colour to a white kitchen.

As a result of its timelessness, Darren notes that wood is a 'brilliant investment' to consider when designing a kitchen.

Shelves in the kitchen, storage jars and pottery, close up

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However, it's also important to note that while wood is a beautiful addition to a kitchen, it takes a bit of upkeep to keep looking beautiful.

'One thing you should consider before installing your own wooden splashback is whether the wood has been appropriately sealed,' cautions Anne. 'Splashback materials must be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, from high humidity to liquid spillages and stains, which is why more durable materials like stone and tiling are more common.'

But, as long as you're prepared to maintain your wooden slat splashback, best believe that it'll be a gorgeous focal point in your cooking space that is guaranteed to garner praise from guests.

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