Stacey Solomon's £45 scalloped jute rug from George Home 'embodies timeless elegance'

Stacey Solomon Natural Jute Rug displayed in neutral, decorated home
(Image credit: George Home)

Scalloped jute rugs are everywhere at the moment. While they've been a fan-favourite furnishing for a while, we've got Stacey Solomon to thank for its recent resurgence following the release of her take on it in her latest George Home collection.

The scalloped jute rug craze is undeniably one of the biggest home decor trends right now, especially as it takes inspiration from the popular scallop-edged motif that has been centre stage in many homeware launches this year alone.

Bringing timelessness and a rustic feel to any space, it only makes sense that a scalloped jute rug would be a core addition to the Queen of Cosy's homeware range.

Stacey Solomon Natural Jute Rug displayed in neutral, decorated home

(Image credit: George Home)

Stacey Solomon's George Home natural jute rug

When we first looked at what was new in Stacey's spring collection with George Home, we mainly focused on all the gorgeous lilac pieces as we found them especially fitting for springtime.

However, after spotting the scalloped jute rug in Stacey's dramatic kitchen transformation, we knew we had to talk about it because it's definitely delivering luxury looks for less. In the completed transformation, the rug sits pretty as a stylish kitchen rug idea, tying the space together.

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'Stacey Solomon's Natural Jute Rug embodies timeless elegance and versatility,' comments Katy Traill, senior design manager at George Home. 'Its natural jute material not only adds a rustic charm but also brings warmth and texture to any space.'

Sarah Link, marketing director at La Redoute explains it's that exact timeless, natural look ingrained in the design that gives scalloped jute rugs an 'authentic, lived-in appearance' that is becoming increasingly sought-after in homes.

On top of that, Katy notes that its neutral colour scheme allows it to complement various interior styles effortlessly, from a boho living room, and coastal cowgirl decor, to minimalist design.

On the other hand, Sarah adds that 'scalloped edging adds a fun and frivolous feel while introducing a delicate softness to the space,' proving itself as a (albeit, subdued) statement piece to have in your home. So, it plays into both sides of the interior pendulum.

Stacey Solomon Natural Jute Rug displayed in neutral, decorated home

(Image credit: George Home)

Aside from aesthetics, jute is a great, durable material that will stand the test of time. 'The durability of jute makes it a practical choice for busy family life, ensuring both style and functionality,' assures Katy.

With prices of the Stacey Solomon Natural Jute Rug starting at £45 and going up to £120 for the largest size, there's a size that's likely to suit whatever available space (or budget) you've got.

You can snap Stacey's rug up at the George Home website or selected Asda stores. Otherwise, we've also rounded up a handful of other scalloped jute rugs we think are equally as gorgeous.

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'In essence, the Stacey Solomon Natural Jute Rug is a timeless staple that effortlessly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any room, making it a must-have for any home,' concludes Katy.

We're not opposed to embodying a bit of Pickle Cottage in our own homes, so this scalloped jute rug is one that's surely earned its spot on our radar.

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