This easy DIY hack will transform an old vase into a stunning wireless lamp

And it's so easy to achieve

Vases and planters displayed on tabletop
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Wireless lamps have quickly risen in popularity as one of the most coveted talked about lighting ideas of the year, encouraging homeowners and renters everywhere to ditch the wires and instead opt for easy and portable lighting methods.

From purchasing one of the best wireless lamps to partaking in those many DIY wireless wall light videos floating around our social media feeds, it's safe to say that going wire-free has already established itself as the 'it' lighting trend of 2024.

Well, we've come across yet another hack on Instagram that will turn your favourite vase (or, a vase that is otherwise collecting dust at the back of your cabinets) into the wireless lamp of your dreams. We have to say, it might just be one of our favourite hacks for updating a living room without buying new, giving your space a deserving refresh that is right on time for spring.


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The hack simply involves taking a vase of your choice and popping a battery-powered or rechargeable lightbulb (like this one from Amazon) and a lampshade on top to complete the final look. Yes, it really is that simple – but it's a clever upcycling idea we wouldn't have thought to do right off the bat.

Looking at it, it's actually quite similar to the hack that turns old glassware into mood lighting, both offering a new lease of life on homeware that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Dark painted living room with shelving and fireplace, round mirror, and table lamp

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Everything in the hack is completely customisable to your preferences, so you can go in with multiple vases of different shapes, sizes, and colours as well as mix and match your favourite lampshades to suit whatever the vibe of your respective living room lighting and bedroom lighting ideas are.

Better yet, it's likely to be a lot more affordable compared to buying a new table lamp every single time. If you, like us, have a larger-than-life vase collection then we're sure you've acquired many styles along the way.

Ceramic, stoneware, glass, you name it. Now, imagine giving them a new lease on life as the coveted lighting idea for this year. The best part? It'll be one of a kind.

Master bedroom with antique ash floor, gold foil ceiling, raw concrete wall, double bed and Barcelona black leather bench

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Wireless lamps haven't failed us and only become more impressive by the minute, especially as new hacks such as this evolve as a result of the growing lighting trend. With spring in our midst, you can expect wireless outdoor lamps to be the next big thing within garden lighting, too. 

Now, excuse us while we sift through our many vases and figure out which one will be the star of our next upcycling project.

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