6 small blue bathroom ideas to inspire a serene sanctuary to switch off in

Blue is a quintessential colour for a relaxing space - here's how to make it work in a compact washroom

Blue bathroom with panelling and tiles
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Designing a small bathroom can be tricky - whether it's finding a Tetris-like solution for squeezing in every piece of sanitaryware or choosing the right colour scheme to enhance the sense of space, knowing where to start is tough.

Alongside choosing a colour scheme that speaks to your taste, you want it to work with the size and shape of the room so that a washroom doesn't feel cold and uninviting. Small blue bathroom ideas are the ideal solution to this conundrum. In a room where relaxation comes first, what better shade to choose than a relaxing and serene shade reminiscent of sunny skies and holidays?

Blue bathrooms offer plenty of flexibility in shade range too. While dark hues work perfectly for making a small WC feel cosy, pastel tones also have a firm place in family bathrooms where you want to stick to a brighter look.

Small blue bathroom ideas

From grey-toned blues to rich royal tones, there are so many different shades of blue that will work well as a small bathroom colour idea.

When picking a paint shade or general bathroom colour scheme you want to select something that you won't bore of (a bathroom can be a big investment, after all) and blue has endured many trend cycles. But when it comes to making it work in a small bathroom, consider using some of these tips and tricks to enhance the sense of space.

'Blue has been one of the most popular colours in bathroom design for a few years now, mainly because there are so many shades that work well, with each one providing a different influence over how the room feels,' recommends Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca' Pietra.

'In a smaller space, it may be that you want to use blue as an accent colour to pick out key areas and details of the room, while using other colours as a foundation,' she adds.

1. Try colour drenching

Traditional blue abthroom with tiled shower

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Pale pastel blue has an almost vintage appeal that makes it well-suited to classic bathroom designs. For a small family bathroom, picking a lighter shade will help to make it feel larger so that the feeling of fighting over the sink feels less amplified.

Just like we're seeing in kitchen designs, to make this traditional tone more up to date, consider colour drenching the walls and woodwork in the same shade. Adding dimension through wall panelling and light-reflecting tiles will make the colour look less flat while still creating a bright aesthetic. We love the classic appeal of Farrow & Ball's 'Borrowed Light'.

2. Choose a statement navy shade

blue bathroom with pink bath and tropical blind

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Perhaps one of the most popular colour choices for a more compact bathroom, deep navy blue has become a trending tone for good reason. You don't need to be worried about it making a bathroom feel dark and enclosed - it actually creates a premium look that will turn evening soaks into a truly luxurious moment.

If you're concerned about the amount of natural light your bathroom receives then focus on contrasting the rich hue with metallic accents through hardware and use bright white as the secondary shade. Dulux's Oxford Blue is a classic choice that will look good in any wash-space.

3. Pick patterned flooring

Bathroom with blue and yellow checkered flooring

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If you're working with a particularly tiny bathroom and you want to keep the walls as minimal as possible, there is still a way to bring in blue.

Bathroom flooring ideas offer the opportunity to feature a statement pattern through tiles that will add plenty of flair to your scheme without overwhelming the look. We love these vintage-inspired blue and butter yellow checkerboard tiles which look perfectly placed next to a secondhand dresser unit. Plus, this is a trending colour combination that we don't see going anywhere.

4. Go for a half-height look

Blue downstairs bathroom with wallpaper

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One simple way to feature a more playful shade in a small bathroom is to end it halfway up the wall at wainscoting height and continue the rest of the wall in a lighter colour or patterned wallpaper.

This plays on the ceiling height, creating the illusion of more space in a room that lacks width. It also gives you the flexibility to try out more than one style if you couldn't quite decide on blue. Opting for a bathroom wall panelling idea for the blue section will make it stand out even further.

5. Think about adding dimension

Blue bathroom with panelling and tiles

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If you're using a lot of colour in a small space, you want to make sure there's plenty of textural interest within the design. Large swathes of flat painted walls will make a bathroom feel bland and uninspiring, so make sure you're choosing different surfaces to break up the look.

Blue bathroom tiles will continue the colour scheme for a bold aesthetic, plus they're super practical for a space where splashes and spills are commonplace.

'One idea is to use tiles creatively, within shelf recesses and splashbacks as this can really make the blue ‘pop’ and your eyes drawn to your beautiful tiles. If this idea works, look to choose a tile shape that is a little different, such as a scallop shape so that the whole tile design comes to the forefront,' recommends Grazzie from Ca' Pietra.

6. Go two-tone

Blue bathroom with storage and black toilet seat

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Can't decide whether to go for a light and bright blue or a bold look? The good news is that you can do both.

A two-tone bathroom colour scheme will work in even the tiniest of bathrooms, grounding the design with the darker shade and opening it up with the contrasting lighter hue. In a small cloakroom, as shown above, placing the lighter blue on the side walls makes the room look larger and bounces the light created by the wall lights and mirror.

Alex Woods, bathroom Expert at Victorian Plumbing adds, 'A feature wall is a classic option as it creates a focal point for the room, while the remaining white walls would create a sense of openness and brightness. The contrast of the two can enhance the aesthetic and make the blue pop, giving the space an overall fresh look.'


What colour goes with a blue bathroom?

Blue is an extremely versatile shade that goes with so many other colours. White is an obvious choice for a bathroom as it creates a neat, bright look that is perfect for a space where cleanliness is vital.

Alternatively, pink has been a trending colour in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. We've seen pale pink and royal blue become a winning combination in kitchens so it's a no-brainer for an on-trend bathroom scheme too.

No matter how big your bathroom is and how much natural light it receives, if blue is the shade that your heart is set on then there are so many ways to make it work. The result will be a calming space that is made for long soaks.

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