Women's bedroom ideas - 12 feminine and fun schemes

These female-friendly bedroom ideas are the perfect mix of chic and sophistication

Grey wave wallpaper in bedroom
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When it comes to bedrooms, a space that reflects our personality but feels relaxed and restful too is a must. With a plethora of tips out there for kids, teenagers and men, it can sometimes feel like women's bedroom ideas get lost in the rabble. And since they're one of the most fun spaces to decorate, we're here to change that.

Whether bold and bright, fun and feminine, strong and glamorous or a combination of everything, there are no rules…these bedroom ideas are all about individuality. 

‘The way our bedrooms are decorated should be an extension of who we are and a way to express ourselves,’ says Kate Salmon, Head of Buying for Homeware, Oliver Bonas. ‘Wall art is a great way to surround your space with positivity, especially modern typographic, inspirational quotes and slogans that celebrate good times.’

‘Photographs are another great way of making our bedrooms feel more like a sanctuary, they remind us of people, pets, places and activities that we love as well as favourite memories and have even been shown to reduce stress and boost mood which is all the more reason to fill your bedroom with photos.’

Women's bedroom ideas

More than just a space to kick back and relax, women's bedroom ideas need to be functional as well as fun. Our bedrooms are where we dress, store clothes, put on make-up and style our hair, so plenty of storage and space to sit and get ready are essentials.

The best bedroom schemes for women are those that marry both looks and practicality - from hardworking storage that packs a lot in, to hideaway options that keep kit hidden neatly out of sight. But above all, our bedrooms need to look good and feel great to be in, so there’s always a place for beautiful finds, plush soft furnishings, colour happy buys and luxe treats too. 

1. Tone down playful pink

Bedroom with blue panelled walls, wooden bed, bench and textured pendant light

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

While pink was once seen as a ‘feminine’ colour, nowadays that idea seems pretty outdated.  But while wall-to-wall pink bedroom ideas for women might be a little too much, that’s not to say that there isn’t a place for pink in a grown-up bedroom scheme.

While blush pink can look too girly on its own, using subtle accents of pink is an easy way of bringing warmth to a moodier colour such as navy or moss green. While these shades can appear quite dark and intense on their own, bringing in a soft blush pink in subtle touches here and there, works much like a neutral and will create a rosier glow and gentle warmth that makes the perfect compromise.

‘Perfect partners to blush pink are soft organic greens and moodier blues,’ says Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux. ‘Colours to avoid would be dark greys and highly saturated bright shades like lime green and acid yellow. ‘’

2. Create breakaway bedroom zones

Bedroom with painted desk alcove beside bed

(Image credit: Dulux)

While a restful, relaxing space is top of the wish list, women’s bedroom ideas need to be multi-functional too, which can be a challenge when marrying the two together. One trick that designers often use is to create different zones within one space with designated areas for different tasks, such as a small home office, vanity set-up or quiet reading corner.

Using different paint colours, wallpaper or even flooring can be a great way of zoning a bedroom space visually. Try painting the inside of an alcove a darker shade as a backdrop for a desk or dressing table or add a colour-block panel behind an armchair to create a quiet zone.

‘The best colour combinations are like matches made in heaven (or on the best dating apps...) and just like in love, it’s opposites that attract,’ says Marianne from  Dulux.  ‘Try combinations like blush pink and green, deepest violet and gold or rich blues and warm chestnut orange.’  

‘Use one colour predominately on the walls and add its contrasting opposite shade in small amounts to create impact without overwhelming the room.  You don’t have to use paint for the contrasting colour details either, it can be picked up in materials, accessories, furniture and artwork.’

3. Express yourself with wall art

Bedroom with wrought iron bed and feature gallery wall

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Artwork can be a wonderful way of expressing yourself and creating a bedroom that reflects your personality and female side, whether through inspirational quotes, uplifting colours and images or mood-boosting photography.

Any vacant wall space in the bedroom will work for a picture display, but the area above the bed is the prime spot for a gallery wall, making good use of space that might otherwise be left empty. The key to making it work is choosing a colour or theme that complements your bedroom decor - be it traditional or modern bedroom ideas. And this could be done through the images you select or the frames and mounts you display them in.

‘Have a look at your interior and think about how you want your gallery wall to reflect your style,’ say the art experts at Desenio.  ‘Do you want the artwork to blend in or make a statement? Do you have a love for photography or is abstract art more your style? Add a few personal photographs to make your gallery wall unique. Also, consider which frames to use. A light frame will make the artwork pop, while a black frame creates contrast.’

4. Embrace ‘beautility’ storage

Green bedroom with botanical feature wall panel

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Wardrobe ideas are essential in any bedroom, but standard white doors can look quite dull and boring, especially if there’s a long run of floor-to-ceiling cupboards. Treat clothes storage as part of the decor and look at ways that you can customise wardrobes or give doors a mini facelift so that they look a little more appealing.

Built-in wardrobes put alcoves either side of a bed to good use. Connect them with a full-width headboard to give you a streamlined shelf for books and other bits and bobs. Paint doors in an upbeat colour to brighten up a dreary finish, or consider swapping standard doors for a fancier effect (these are from Superfront). 

Swapping door handles and drawer pulls is an easy way of giving furniture in women's bedroom ideas a new look too. Leather tabs look chic or try brushed brass bar handles for a touch of luxe.

5. Have fun with upbeat colours

Green bedroom with pink bedding and white bedside table

(Image credit: Future PLC / Caroline Mardon)

Bright cheerful colours and bold playful prints are instant mood lifters and an easy way of giving all-white or neutral bedroom ideas a colour uplift. In any bedroom, the bed is the focal point, so even if the rest of the room is quite plain, splashing out on new bedding, cushions and throws will make a huge difference without costing a fortune.

‘Becoming a plant parent can be another mood booster,’ adds Kate from Oliver Bonas. ‘Not only can you brighten up a lonely corner of your bedroom with luscious foliage in a plant pot, but the very act of keeping a houseplant alive can make you feel good.'

'The simple daily ritual of caring for your plants and watching them thrive can help us achieve a sense of fulfilment while bringing an appreciation of nature and beauty into the home.’

6. Get creative with wall space

pink circle paint effect above bed

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Our bedrooms aren’t on show 24-7, unlike downstairs living spaces, so it gives a great opportunity to be more creative or original with bedroom colour schemes as it will be for your eyes only. Make the bed the focus by trying a fun paint effect that will add maximum impact for minimum effort. 

Paint a large circle on the wall behind the bedhead. Just cut a piece of string to the correct length for the radius of your circle and use masking tape to fix one end of the string to the centre point of your intended circle. Then make a small loop in the other end and place a pencil through it. Carefully draw a circle, ensuring the string is taut at all times. Remove the string and use a paintbrush to fill in, working from the outside in, in a circular fashion.

‘Team pale pink and crisp white for a fresh, summery look. Optimistic, versatile and emotive, the pink palette can be used in a host of different ways to create eye-catching and distinctive design directions,’ says Helen Shaw, Marketing Director at Benjamin Moore UK. ‘Light hues with pink undertones creates a subtle shade which can be used from ceiling to floor or combined with crisp whites to create a smart Scandi style interior scheme.’

7. Focus on a vanity area

Pink painted chest of drawers dressing area

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Create the dream dressing area at one end of your bedroom, treat it the same as you would small walk-in wardrobe ideas and embrace this as a space for clothes storage and beauty prep. 

Start with a run of drawer storage going wall-to-wall across the end of the room, which will give plenty of stashing space for clothes, accessories, beauty buys and hair essentials. Then add a length of hanging rail above which will come in useful for keeping bags, scarves, belts and shorter items within easy reach.

Get the look of built-in furniture without the cost, by opting for Ikea basics when it comes to the drawer units. Painting them a soft blush or pale green will give plain white units in women's bedroom ideas more of a bespoke look and adding a run of pre-cut worktop to top the units will add a slick finishing touch.

8. Channel hotel chic

Bedroom with black modern four poster bed

Blissford 4 Poster, £499, Habitat

(Image credit: Habitat)

Give your bedroom the five-star treatment and create the ultimate retreat with a chic hotel-inspired look for glam women's bedroom ideas. The bed is the star in a scheme like this, so go bold and opt for a statement four-poster like this one from Habitat, or a luxe oversized headboard with plush, buttoned upholstery instead.

Luxuriate in layers and pile up the bed with smooth satin sheets, silk pillows and tactile velvet eiderdowns, throws and cushions. Position thick rugs either side that you can sink your toes into when you get out of bed and add low hung pendants in place of bedside lamps when planning bedroom lighting ideas to keep surfaces clear and clutter-free.

9. Soothe your space with calming greens

Bedroom with green panelled walls and pink velvet upholstered headboard

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Tranquil women's bedroom ideas can be a haven when life gets hectic and busy. Green is considered the most restful colour and is easy on the eye and calming for the soul. As in nature, green bedroom ideas sit easy with other colours and are given subtle warmth and rosiness when teamed with soft, soothing pink.

Painted panelling in a soft, muted green is the perfect base for a restful bedroom scheme. Avoid high-definition florals and fabrics with a high-sheen and swap for muted tones, watercolour florals and faded velvets that merge into each other for a relaxed and easygoing look.

10. Go big on pattern

Grey cloud wallpaper in bedroom

(Image credit: Future PLC / James French)

If ‘subtle’ isn’t your style, then go for it in a big way when it comes to your bedroom wallpaper ideas. A mural spread over just one wall is the ultimate attention-grabber and looks fabulous as the backdrop behind a simple bed.

With any larger-than-life designs, the key is to keep everything else in the room as simple as you can. Opt for plain white bedlinen, sleek furniture and flooring and minimal decoration around the rest of the bedroom to allow the pattern to shine brighter.

11. Mix it up with monochrome

(Image credit: Bohzar)

It’s hard to go wrong with black and white bedroom ideas, but by mixing patterns and partnering black and white with washed woods and tactile textures, the colour combination loses its harshness and takes on a more feminine vibe.

The key to making monochrome work in relaxed women's bedroom ideas like this is not to overdo it. Large areas of crisp white on walls, teamed with weathered wooden flooring and furniture soften the look, with black kept to a minimum. Mixing patterns adds to the eclectic look, with large-scale prints alongside small and medium-scale patterns for a lively look. 

12. Add luxe with plush textures

Blue bedroom with yellow velvet bed

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Make a statement by opting for a bold colour combination in punchy yellow and royal blue. While blue isn’t the obvious choice, it can create a calming and restful backdrop that’s perfect for a bedroom. And adding a contrast colour to your bedroom paint ideas, like the zingy yellow bed, helps to energise the space and make the bed the focal point. 

Struggling to find an accent colour that will work with a bold shade? Look at the colour wheel and choose one that is exactly opposite your chosen shade. These pairings make for a high-energy look that can be a refreshing change to cool, calm colour schemes or relaxed, faded neutrals. 

How can I make my bedroom look classy?

The key to making women's bedroom ideas look grown-up and classy is to remember that less can be more. Try not to overdo things, whichever style or look you opt for. 

Limiting the colour palette to just a few key shades will make the overall effect easier on the eyes and they won't overpower the space, which can be a problem if you bring in too many clashing colours and contrast finishes. Keeping to the 60/30/10 rule can help make any room feel less chaotic, with 60% of the room in a dominant colour, 30% in a secondary colour and then 10% in an accent colour. 

How can I make my bedroom nice and cosy?

Using warmer colours and darker tones will make a bedroom feel relaxed, warm and welcoming. Keep to colours with yellow or red undertones and avoid any colours with cool or blue undertones which can make the space feel stark and chilly.

Texture is another element that will make women's bedroom ideas feel warm and cosy. Start with the bed first, piling it up with tactile brushed linen and cotton bedding and then  layering the bed with blankets, bedspread and throws. Layers are always better as you can remove them if you feel too warm. 

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