6 genius IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms that you'll definitely want to try

Everyone needs a good IKEA hack – especially when it comes to a kids bedroom

Child's bedroom with four poster bed, mural of planets, grey carpet, chest of drawers and bedding.
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The internet is overflowing with IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms, and little wonder: unlike most bedroom ideas, a child's bedroom has to take on board the fact that it's so much more than a sleep space to them. 

Think about it: these multifunctional rooms have to take on the role of play area, library, study, art studio, imaginationland, and safe space, too. All of which... well, all of which can take up a lot of space, if you're not careful.

Which IKEA hacks, then, are considered the very best? And how can we use them to transform a small kids bedroom into something befitting your little prince/princess/royal messmaker?

The best IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms

When it comes to sourcing excellent IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms, we spend a lot of time (like, a lot of time) trawling Instagram and TikTok.

One of our favourite feeds? Why, it's @lifeatolddenehouse, of course!

'I work full time in food manufacturing, but in my spare time I love creating fun play spaces in our home for my son, Harrison,' says Laura.

Which translates to, basically, her serving up incredible children's rooms ideas on a near-daily basis.

Of course, Laura's Instagram feed is packed to the brim with inspiration – so much so, in fact, that it might prove a tad overwhelming to anyone diving in with fresh eyes.

In a bid to help you sift through all of the brilliance, then, we reached out to the busy mum and asked her to share her favourite IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms.

Let's dive on in, shall we?

1. KALLAX inserts

The IKEA Kallax inserts used in a storage cupboard in a kids bedroom

(Image credit: Laura Barber/@lifeatolddenehouse)

When it comes to sourcing hacks for kids bedrooms, you can't go wrong with the KALLAX series at IKEA.

'The KALLAX is the perfect toy storage solution for a kids room,' says Laura. 'It comes in lots of different sizes and I love that you can have toys on display as well as baskets for hiding items away.'

So, where's the hack? 'What makes them even better is the KALLAX inserts that can be used for an even better space saving storage solution,' explains Laura. 

'I use the KALLAX insert with one shelf for storing the toys I like to have on display, and I use the KVISSLE, which is meant to be a letter tray, for puzzles and books.'

Check it out: 

Tempted? You can pick up a KVISSLE for £22 at IKEA.

KALLAX alternatives:

2. SIGFINN Monitor Stand

An IKEA Sigfinn Monitor Stand that has been reemployed as a car racing track in a kids room

(Image credit: Laura Barber/@LifeAtOldDeneHouse)

At a glance, IKEA's SIGFINN Monitor Stand looks... well, it looks pretty nondescript, if we're being honest. 

As it turns out, however, this clever little piece of gear can be used for more than just balancing a TV. 

'Instead of a monitor stand, the SIGFINN makes the perfect ramp/bridge for toy cars!' says Laura. 

'I add some flexi road and it becomes a great play activity.'

Check it out:

To complete the look, you'll want to pick up the Flexible Toy Road Set via Amazon.

3. SNUDDA Book Case

IKEA's SNUDDA Book Case Hack

(Image credit: Laura Barber/@LifeAtOldDeneHouse)

When it comes to the best IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms, anything that helps us suss out how to organise a small bedroom is a win in our books – and even more so if it gets our little one reading.

Enter, then, @lifeatolddenehouse's clever DIY rotating library.

'I used three of IKEA's SNUDDAs with some plywood and turned them into a rotating bookcase,' says Laura. 

'It has been a great addition to Harrison’s bedroom, and is the perfect place for his ever-growing book collection.'

Check out her reel below for a step-by-step guide:

To complete the project for yourself at home, be sure to pick up the following items:

Happy DIYing!

4. MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge

The IKEA MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge hack, used as a book display unit in a kids bedroom

(Image credit: Laura Barber/@LifeAtOldDeneHouse)

This IKEA hack for a child's bedroom is so simple, not to mention incredibly Scandi chic – which means it should work well in any small space, no matter what the bedroom's colour scheme is.

'The MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge makes great forward-facing book storage,' says Laura.

'It's perfect if you have a small space and can’t fit in a bulky bookcase.'

Check it out:

Considering the MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge is just £5 at IKEA, this is one of those purse-friendly ideas we can definitely get behind.

MOSSLANDA alternatives:

5. The Learning Tower

A learning tower being used by a toddler in a kitchen, created using an IKEA hack

(Image credit: Laura Barber/@LifeAtOldDeneHouse)

It's the ultimate must-have for any parents pursuing the Montessori approach with their children: a learning tower. However, as anyone who has mulled over buying one will know, they don't come cheap.

Thank goodness, then, that Laura has a solution amid her IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms.

'Ideal for promoting independence, a learning tower gets children involved and helping in the kitchen, able to reach their toys on high shelves, and able to wash their hands at the sink,' she says. 

'A lot of the ones on the market are quite pricey, so a budget friendly alternative is to make your own from two IKEA items: the ODDVAR stool and BEKVAM step stool. It's a really simple hack!'

Check out her reel via @lifeatolddenehouse for a step-by-step guide: 

If you need us, we'll be picking up an IKEA ODDVAR Stool and an IKEA BEKVAM Step Stool for a grand total of £44, along with the following items:

6. OSTBIT Plate Holder

The Ostbit Plate Holder from IKEA, hacked to become book storage in a kids bedroom

(Image credit: Laura Barber/@LifeAtOldDeneHouse)

When it comes to the best IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms, you can't go wrong with a little-effort one that costs less than a fiver. Especially if it enhances all the good work of your current bedroom storage ideas, too.

'This plate holder is a very budget friendly storage solution,' promises Laura. 

'It’s perfect for displaying books, puzzles and flexible road for easy access for little ones – plus it’s only £3!'

Check it out:

Pick up the OSTBIT Plate Holder from IKEA now to steal the look for yourself.

Alternatively, you can pick up the HAOCHEN Wooden Dish Drainer via Amazon for £4.99 if you fancy free returns and speedy delivery.

Meet the expert:

Laura Barber
Laura Barber

'I’m Laura, I live in the North East with my husband and 3 year old son Harrison. I work full time in food manufacturing, but in my spare time I love creating fun play spaces in our home for Harrison. You can follow me on TikTok to keep up-to-date with all my DIY projects.'

Laura has certainly given us plenty of IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms to try out for ourselves.

They're definitely worth considering if you're carefully sourcing boys bedroom ideas for a tearaway toddler.

Saying that, though, all of these clever hacks would work just as well with our favourite girls bedroom ideas – which means tenacious tots needn't miss out.

Either way, it's time to set sail for your nearest IKEA. We'll see you in the maze...

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