7 genius ways to fake a clean home

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  • Need to clean up in a hurry? Whether you're expecting guests, or simply need to tidy up, these simple tricks will help transform your space quickly

    You know the feeling when the house is in a total mess. Maybe you’ve got guests coming over and you don’t have any time to get the house in order. Or maybe, you’ve had a busy week and you’ve let everything get a little out of control. Either way, there are a few simple options which can turn your pad from cluttered dump into ordered bliss in just a few minutes….

    1. Clear away clutter

    Make sure the floor and the surfaces are clear. Hide mess in boxes, throw paperwork in drawers (remember to make a mental note of where is it) and put everything you can in cupboards. It might be a quick fix, but it will defintely make a difference.

    2. Use storage boxes

    Make sure you have plenty of storage boxes and baskets where you can easily throw clutter. Toss a pretty throw or blanket on top of them, then you can’t see the clutter underneath and it actually looks like its just a stylish place to store linens.

    3. Turn blinds down

    If you have slatted blinds you’ll know how dusty and dirty they can get. Simply reverse the orientation of your blinds (e.g turn slats that are down, all the way up). This will disguise any dust and dirt on the slats. Genius!

    4. Flip over towels

    The hand towels in the bathroom can often get a bit gross and grimy. Simply flip over (onto the clean side) and no one will ever know!

    5. Tackle the smell!

    Making your house smell clean is a great way to trick the senses into thinking it is clean. Light a scented candle and use carpet deodoriser if you have time. Use scented spray on linens and reed diffusers around the room (but just make sure it’s not too overpowering).

    6. Clean surfaces

    Wipe down anything you can – worktops, taps and sinks with a cloth or antibacterial wipe. This takes just a few minutes and will give the illusion of a clean house. If you have time, run a dry cloth over any dark coloured surfaces to remove any dust.

    7. Straighten up

    Make sure cushions are straightened, plumped up and in the right place. This instantly makes your house look styled and pretty. Ensure chairs, rugs and other ornaments are all in the correct location so they look ordered and tidy.

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