Beautiful ways to display magical memories

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  • Add an extra layer to your home’s decoration with easy-to-craft display ideas for keepsakes

    Create a beautiful scrapbook

    Record a journey or day out in the form of sketches, images and finds in a ring-bound scrapbook (using a scrapbook with ties will keep mounted items extra secure).

    Cut out and mount drawings and rubbings onto decorative cards and paper trimmed to fit a space
    in the scrapbook. Dot the corners of the back of the artwork with glue, then press onto their backing cards. When dry, stick the cards onto the pages using a glue stick or sticky tape.Glue pressed flowers onto the pages if using. If you do include them, interleave the pages with sheets of blotting paper.

    Craft wire picture holders

    Chunky pebbles wrapped in garden wire make quick and easy photo holders.Wearing protective gloves, wrap one end of a 50cm length of garden wire around a pebble as if tying a parcel and twist the short and long ends together to secure. Pull the top of the wire taut then wrap the end around a piece of 2cm dowelling or large wooden spoon handle forming three loops. Twist the bottom end of the wire around the vertical wire. Press the loops together to form a tight clip for photos.

    Display snaps in a tin box

    Keep mementos of a special party in a hinged sweet or biscuit tin. Fill the base of the tin with layers of 5mm foam board trimmed to fit: using a hot glue gun, stick enough layers together to fill the tin to within 1cm of the rim. Cut out and glue down a layer of corrugated card over the foam board and also line the lid of the tin with card. Pin two lengths of paper string like washing lines across the base of the tin (see picture) and use mini pegs to clip on photographs. Use place cards, ribbon and flowers to decorate inside the lid.

    Make picture paperweights

    Capture magic moments forever in a glass paperweight. Most paperweight kits comprise a glass shape with a self-adhesive cover on the base. Using the base as a guide, cut out images from photographs just slightly smaller than the guide. Peel back the cover, position the image and replace the cover to seal the edges.

    * Tip – Use photographs, postcards, flyers or any attractive paper memorabilia in paperweights and display groups of them in printers’ trays on a wall or along shelves.

    Mark memories on a map

    Annotate a map with happy reminders of fun trips. Take a box frame apart, then glue a map of your journey to the backing board. Print or write dates or days on slips of paper to fit mini clipboards, and use a hot glue gun to fix them to the map. Draw picnic, campsite or hotel symbols or print free images from websites such as Clipart ( onto card, and cut out or punch luggage tag shapes then glue onto the map along with photographs. Add words in wooden letter tags or try Scrabble tiles.

    Tuck treasures into envelopes

    Make little books from bundles of handmade envelopes stuffed with used tickets, bus or rail timetables, postcards and other nostalgic travel trivia that you want to keep. Sort the items into themes and fill the envelopes, then write labels and fasten on with fancy paperclips. Collate several envelopes together with strips of decorative tape along the bottom edges (see picture). Add one final strip of tape down the finished spine to create a book.

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